Masks, Hygiene and Sanitation

Students studying while wearing masks


PSU Face Covering Policy
PSU requires that any person on campus must wear a mask or face covering while indoors in PSU owned, leased or controlled public spaces, in shared spaces, and in outdoor settings when on PSU property and when physical distancing expectations (at least 6 feet apart) is difficult to maintain. 

View the Masks and Face Covering Policy for more details, including a list of limited exemptions, steps that can be taken if you have a medical condition or disability that prevents you from wearing a mask or cloth face covering, and potential enforcement mechanisms that may apply to students and employees who do not comply with this policy. The COVID Mask & Sanitizer Distribution Policy and Procedure includes details on the types of masks available

Disposable masks are available at many locations across campus for any person who may need one.

  • Academic & Student Recreation Center (ASRC)
    • Campus Recreation Reception Desk (2nd Floor)
    • Transportation & Parking Services (1st Floor)
  • Campus Public Safety (CPS)
    • CPS Reception (1st Floor)
  • Fariborz Maseeh Hall (FMH)
    • Basement Computer Lab (B152)
    • Cashiers/ID Card Services (1st Floor)
  • Millar Library (ML)
    • Computer Lab (1st Floor)
    • Circulation Desk (1st Floor)
  • Montgomery Residence Hall (MONT)
    • Service Desk
  • Smith Memorial Student Union (SMSU)
    • Information HUB (Broadway entrance)
  • University Center Building (UCB)
    • SHAC Front Desk

Information for Departments
Departments should ensure that all employees who plan to return to work on campus are aware of the requirement and have a mask or face covering. Departments that expect visitors or customers must have disposable masks or face coverings available for those who arrive not wearing a mask or face covering. 

Departments may request reusable masks for employees and/or a box of disposable masks to distribute to visitors or students. Materials Management Services (MMS) distributes masks and face coverings to Departments in accordance with its Masks, Wipes and Sanitizer Policies and Procedures.

Information for Students and Instructors
Masks are required to be worn on campus, including by instructors and students in classrooms. If a student shows up to class without a mask on, the instructor can remind the student that masks are required and inform them of locations they can go on campus to pick up a mask, at no cost. If they refuse to wear a mask, the instructor can ask the student to leave. If the student refuses to leave, the instructor can suspend or cancel the in-person activity. Instructors can choose to contact the Dean of Student Life to discuss the situation as a violation of the Student Code of Conduct.

Learn some approaches faculty can use if a student shows up to class without a mask or takes off their mask in class.


Cleaning Supplies
PSU has added hand sanitizing stations at building entrances and elevator foyers across campus. Suggestions for hand sanitizers in public locations should be sent to Facilities and Property Management.   

Cleaning wipes, cleaning spray, and hand sanitizer may be acquired by General Fund departments from Materials Management Services (MMS) at no cost. Auxiliary and self-support departments may purchase these items from a source chosen by them or from MMS. Departments can submit a request to MMS using the COVID Supply Request Form

All classrooms have disinfectant wipes available in the room. It is highly recommended that a cleaning wipe be used to wipe down surfaces such as tables and desks before use. Faculty and instructors should wipe down any shared equipment including computer keyboards, mice, and dry erase markers, before using them. Faculty and instructors should consider bringing their own dry erase markers and connecting their personal laptop to the equipment in the room to avoid using shared equipment.

Physical distancing sign on the ground

Physical Distancing and Occupancy
PSU’s Physical Distancing Policy must be followed by all persons on Portland State property. Follow posted signs indicating appropriate distancing and occupancy.

PSU has installed sneeze guards at many high traffic counters, reception desks, and service windows across campus. If your department needs to request the installation of a sneeze guard (at no cost), contact the Facilities and Property Management Work Control Center

Kitchens, break rooms, restrooms, meeting rooms, and elevators should all have limited occupancy. If you notice that the space is occupied, please wait outside for the other person to finish using the space before entering. In kitchens, do not use communal dishware, drinkware, and silverware. Either use single-use items or keep personal items separate.



Custodial Services
All buildings are currently being serviced with custodial services. Since not all buildings require the same amount of services, cleaning frequencies and service levels are based on building occupancy and usage. Many Buildings have daily weekday service, including the cleaning of high touch surfaces, restrooms, and common areas cleaning. If you do not believe your office, suite, or restroom is being cleaned, Contact Facilities and Property Management.

Classrooms scheduled for use are cleaned nightly. Classrooms not in use and unoccupied office suites have signs posted to indicate they are not being cleaned. 


Building Systems
Facilities and Property Management has implemented ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) recommendations for reducing potential exposure to the coronavirus by increasing outside air and upgrading filtration on building HVAC systems.

Facilities and Property Management is following Portland Water Bureau guidelines for flushing building water systems and ensuring the highest water quality