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By choosing to vote, you have given yourself a powerful voice in the future of student government, which will directly affect you and your peers next year, and potentially for years to come. The Associated Students of Portland State University (ASPSU) is dedicated to enriching student life, empowering the student voice, and advocating for the needs of all students. Our mission is to be committed to promoting the social, cultural, educational, and physical development of all our members, the student body, and the advancement of our common and individual interests both within and without the University.

2021 Elections Schedule

  • April 5th: Campaigning Starts
  • April 5th: Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidate Forum, 12 pm-1:30 pm (Add to Calendar)
  • April 6th: SFC Candidate Forum, 1:30pm-3pm (Add to Calendar)
  • April 8th: Senate Candidate Forum, 1pm-2:30pm (Add to Calendar)
  • April 12th: Polls Open at 7am

Learn more about our mission statement

What does ASPSU do?

We are committed to advocate for and represent the interests of all students at Portland State, at the university and state level. Only when we work together can we make a big difference! Learn more about our mission statement:

  • to facilitate formal means of communication and interaction among students, student organizations, faculty, and University administration;
  • to advocate for and represent the interests of students before internal and  external bodies, including providing for student representation and participation on University committees;
  • to provide support and services not offered by other divisions of the University;
  • to provide a process for students to fully participate in the allocation of student  incidental fees as provided by Oregon Revised Statutes, the PSU Board of  Trustees and the Higher Education Coordinating Commission;
  • to create a strong, effective, and efficient student government.

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