The Children’s Center is designed for short hour and full-day care for students, staff and faculty who need 8 or more hours of child care each week. Hours are reserved each term to accommodate family schedule needs. The Center features two spacious classrooms in which children learn through active exploration in an environment with engaging materials and opportunities to connect socially.

Mon-Thu: 8am to 6pm
Fri: 8am to 5:30pm


Smith Memorial Student Union
1825 SW Broadway, first floor

40 children

12 months to 9 years

Academic terms

Full-day and partial-day; minimum of two 4-hour slots per week

Organizational Mission: The ASPSU Children’s Center serves the campus community by contributing to student success and retention through the provision of high-quality, affordable, flexible short and extended hour child care.

Organizational Vision: We are committed to providing a secure, engaging environment that supports each child’s growth, development and feeling of self-worth. We strive to provide an environment that enables children to trust themselves and gain independence while also encouraging a sense of belonging and respect for others. We strive to introduce the diversity that is part of our campus life; to ensure that our diversity in every aspect is culturally, economically, and socially reflected in who we are as a center.

Organizational Values: Our goal is to have every child and family feel welcome and supported in our program. Diversity in ethnic, culture, physical appearance and ability, family composition and lifestyle are well respected and celebrated.