Little Vikings

Are you looking for just a few hours of care for your child ages 6 weeks to 12 years? Or perhaps your school-age child has a “no-school” day when you still have class? Little Vikings was created just for you! We provide walk-in, reserved and occasional care for children ages 6 weeks to 12 years old. You can reserve care in advance, or just walk-in (although we can’t guarantee space will be available unless you reserve it). PSU students, staff, and faculty can reserve care for the entire term, up to 5 hours per day and 20 hours per week. We also provide day camps for days when Portland Public Schools does not have school, but classes are still in session at PSU. Little Vikings serves PSU students, staff, and faculty, but we also have select openings for the greater community.

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If you have not registered  before, you will need to do so before you can use Little Vikings for either Walk-In or Reserved Care.. *** Please Note, If you have used ProCare with a different provider, you will need a unique email address when you register. ProCare works best with Google Chrome.
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Request Care
Please click on the link below and fill out the form in order to request a care slot for your child or children.
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Pay Your Bill
Once you have reserved a care slot for your child or children, you can pay your child care bill. We accept online payments via CashNet, or you may pay in person at Little Vikings, We do not accept anything but credit or debit payments. During busy times there may be a wait, so we encourage you to pay online. 
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Current Rates
Student, Staff, & Community Rates 
How much does childcare cost at Little Vikings? Student Rates are subsidized by the Student Incidental Fee and thus students receive a reduced rate. In order to qualify for the student rate, students must be enrolled in at least 8 undergraduate or 5 graduate credits. Staff who are students using the staff fee privilege do not qualify for the student rate because they do not pay student fees. However, students who are using the staff fee privilege through a family member do pay student fees and do qualify for the student rate. 
Minimum charge is one hour of care.


Student Rate$9.00/Hr
Faculty/Staff Rate$12.50/Hr
Community Rate$13.75/Hr**
**Community may reserve spots no more than 7 days in advance


Student RateHr $8.00/Hr
Faculty/Staff Rate $11.50/Hr
Community Rate $12.75/Hr**
**Community may reserve spots no more than 7 days in advance


Daily and Camp Day Rates
Daily and Camp Day Rates are available during Helen Gordon Child Development Center and Portland Public Schools closures. Community may not make reservations during PPS non-instructional days
  •  Ages 3-12   
  • Student Rate$50
  • Faculty/Staff Rate$65
  • *If you have any questions about rates please email or call (503) 725-8800.
  • Rates subject to change.
Late Pick-Up Fee:
If your child is picked up after our closure time, you could be charged a $10 late fee. If you are more that 10 minutes late, you will charged an additional $1 per minute after that.
Late Payment Fee:
Payments are due at the time of service. You have been allowed to accumulate this balance with the understanding that at times as a student it is difficult to pay in advance. Payments that are over 30 days past due may be charged a $60 late payment fee.
Late Charges:
 All parents must give firm return times. This is to allow us to have proper staffing and keep us from going over maximum capacity. If a parent does not return by their indicated return time, they will be charged for the time elapsed after the reserved care ended. If parents fail to pick up their children by the time Little Vikings closes for the day, Little Vikings reserves the right to charge a $10 penalty, plus $1 per minute for each minute the parent is late after 10 minutes past closing time. If parents show a repeated pattern of not picking up their children on time (3 times or more) Little Vikings reserves the right to deny use of Little Vikings for the rest of the term or year.
Refund Fee:
There will be a 10% refund fee for all refunds. This fee is to help offset the 16% that we are charged for refunding money.
Contact Little Vikings
By Phone
If it is an urgent issue, we encourage you to call the front desk on 503-725-8800. Give us a ring!
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We are located at 1136 SW Montgomery St, suite 101 (Epler Hall)
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We can also be reached by email,