COVID-19 Response

Learn about Portland State's activities to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Vaccines are required. Explore our improvements to the physical environment. Find out how we are supporting employees and students. Access more information about health resources. We're thrilled to have our PSU community back on campus!

Before you come to campus

COVID vaccination icon


All employees and all students who live, work, learn, or access services on our campus are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Installing filters


PSU has taken a multi-pronged approach to pandemic response including an emphasis on air quality and HVAC filtration. Research shows that MERV-13 filters are successful in filtering out the COVID-19 virus. Many buildings on campus have undergone an upgrade to their air filtration system. PSU installed plexiglass sneeze guards in many high-traffic locations and takes a proactive approach to how we clean offices and classrooms. 


At PSU, our Incident Management Team leads our efforts to coordinate COVID-19 preparedness, response and communications. Members of the IMT represent all sectors of campus and are trained in planning and responding to any potential health or safety threat to our PSU community. 

More questions about Portland State University's response to COVID-19? Send them to the COVID-19 response team