COVID-19 Dashboards

As Portland State University continues to adapt to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic, sharing timely and accurate information about employee and student vaccinations, cases and testing is important.  Information on this page includes our Vaccination Requirement Dashboard and Case and Testing Dashboard as well as specific “Additional Case Information.”  It is only through the combined actions of each PSU student, faculty and staff member that we will keep our community safe.

Vaccination Requirement Dashboard

Spring Term 2022*

Employees — 98% fully vaccinated^
Includes current active employees; excludes student workers.

Students — 96.7% fully vaccinated^
Includes all registered students; excludes high school programs, OHSU-managed students and students who have attested that they will not be on campus.

*This information is updated at least once per academic term. Last updated March 7, 2022.
^Fully vaccinated as defined in PSU’s Vaccination Policy.

Vaccination Policy

All students and employees who access PSU locations must submit either (1) an attestation confirming the student or employee has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19; or (2) submit a medical or nonmedical exemption. The requirement is effective September 7, 2021.

PSU’s Vaccination Policy applies to full and part-time employees, and all students enrolled in programs with in-person instruction for any portion of their course load. It also applies to students who are registered for fully online courses and participate in any on-site or in-person university activity or university-provided or sponsored service.

Students and employees can submit their attestation of vaccination or request an exemption through a simple online form.

Case and Testing Dashboard

A chart showing PSU's Covid Cases as of May 23, 2022. Covid cases have increased by 76 since the Mary 16 update.

Case and Testing Dashboard numbers reflect the total number cases reported, cumulatively, since the beginning of the pandemic. COVID-19 case counts are based on positive test results collected by SHAC or positive results reported to SHAC by individuals or the Multnomah County Health Department. This dashboard is updated weekly.

The Case and Testing Dashboard shows:

  • Monthly and total COVID case counts (based on test results collected by SHAC or results reported to SHAC by individuals or the Multnomah County Health Department); and
  • Summary demographics of on-campus cases.

Reporting COVID-Exposure, Test Results, or Diagnosis 

Informing SHAC of COVID-19 exposure, positive test results, or diagnosis is strongly recommended in order for PSU to initiate centralized university-level responses to protect students, staff and faculty during COVID-19. Please report if you have been to the PSU campus within the past two weeks. Please complete the COVID-19 Reporting Form and a representative from Center for Student Health & Counseling will be in contact with you by phone.

Defining an On-Campus Case

An “on-campus case” is a positive COVID-19 test result or diagnosis made by or reported to SHAC where the person was on campus in the past 14 days and is:

  • A student with on-campus activity (e.g taking an on campus class, athletics, working, etc.)
  • A student that lives on campus
  • An employee working on campus
  • Someone who was on campus, even with no close contacts identified

"On-campus” is defined as “on or within PSU-owned property or space leased by PSU."

A person who was on campus and who reports an exposure (that they are a close contact of someone who has COVID-19) should self isolate and follow guidance from their medical provider, but is not considered an “on-campus” case unless they test positive for COVID-19. 

Additional Case Information

Oregon OSHA requires that PSU notifies employees who may have been "affected" which means that they were in the same building as a person who was positive for COVID-19. To accomplish this notification, PSU publishes the following case information daily: date(s), building(s), and timeframe(s) of on-campus cases.

PSU has been notified that an individual who was present on campus (in the buildings and during the timeframes specified in the table below) has been diagnosed with COVID-19. Simply being in the same building does not mean that you are necessarily a close contact of a COVID-19 case or that you must quarantine. Typically this infection is only contracted after close contact with someone who is contagious. The CDC defines a close contact as someone who has been within 6 feet of an infected person for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period. Close contacts will receive communication directly if they are identified. Find out more about COVID-19 notifications and recommended quarantine.

Date Building(s) and time frame
5/24/2022 KMC, FMH, SB1
5/23/2022 Lincoln Hall, SB1, Shattuck Hall, KMC
5/22/2022 AsRC, Cramer Hall, Lincoln Hall, Peter Stott Center,
5/21/2022 ASRC, FMH,
5/20/2022 Blumel Hall, FAB, King Albert Hall, KMC, Montgomery Hall, Ondine Hall, St Helens Hall, Steven Epler Hall, University Center Building, RLSB, Shattuck Hall
5/19/2022 Cramer Hall, KMC, ASRC, FMH, Lincoln Hall, Parkmill, Peter Stott, SMSU, Millar Library, RLSB, Shattuck Hall, SRTC
5/18/2022 Cramer Hall, KMC, SB1, SMSU, FAB, Lincoln Hall, Ondine Hall, RMNC, University Center Building, FMH, SRTC
5/17/2022 UCB, Art Building, Cramer Hall, FMH, KMC, Shattuck, SRTC, Broadway Hall, Cramer Hall, Engineering Building, FAB, Lincoln Hall, University Center Building
5/16/2022 ASRC, FAB, FMH, RLSB, SRTC, Cramer Hall, Ondine, SB1, Lincoln Hall, Ondine Hall, 
5/15/2022 FMH, Parkmill, Ondine Hall,
5/14/2022 FMH, Lincoln Hall
5/13/2022 Lincoln Hall, FMH,
5/12/2022 ASRC, Cramer Hall, KMC, Library, RMNC, SB1, SRTC, FMH
5/11/2022 ASRC, KMC, Lincoln Hall, University Point Building, Cramer Hall
5/10/2022 ASRC, Cramer Hall, Stephen Epler Hall, SRTC, 
5/9/2022 FMH, SB1, Cramer Hall, Urban Center Building
5/8/2022 ASRC, Peter Stott
5/7/2022 ASRC, FMH,
5/6/2022 ASRC, Cramer Hall, Lincoln Hall, SMSU, Engineering Building
5/5/2022 ASRC, Cramer Hall, FAB, FMH, University Honors, University Point, KMC, Lincoln Hall, SMSU, Ondine Hall
5/4/2022 Cramer Hall, Engineering, FMH, KMC, RLSB, Stephen Epler Hall, University Honors, FAB,
5/3/2022 Cramer Hall, Engineering Building, FMH, KMC, Lincoln Hall, University Center Building, Urban Center Building, Ondine Hall (PM), ASRC
5/2/2022 Cramer Hall, Engineering Building, Helen Gordon CDC, Ondine Hall, KMC(PM), SMSU (AM and PM), University Honors, FMH (PM)
5/1/2022 FMH

This information will be updated daily or as new information is available and will display three weeks of data. When it is possible to identify the general timeframe, AM or PM is included. If the person was in the building in both the morning and afternoon, or if it is not known when they were in the building, a timeframe is not included. Last updated on May 25, 2022.