COVID-19 Dashboards

At Portland State, we are ready to adapt to the next phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. As reflected in recent federal, state and local guidance, pandemic strategies are shifting from a public health response to a personal health response. This means that recommendations are provided to individuals based on their circumstances rather than mandating broad mitigation measures. PSU is committed to making these decisions as easy as possible for students and employees.

Our Vaccination Requirement Dashboard reflects the strong commitment among students and employees to keep themselves and others safe by getting vaccinated.

County, state, and national case dashboards tell the story of how COVID-19 impacts people by age, race, location, vaccination status, disease severity, and myriad other factors. For two and half years, PSU collected COVID-19 case information from students and employees. Given the rise of at-home testing, the decline in self-reporting, and recent direction from local public health organizations, PSU has stopped that practice. 

Vaccination Requirement Dashboard

Winter Term 2023

Employees — 97.3% fully vaccinated*
Includes current active employees; excludes student workers.

Students — 94.8% fully vaccinated*
Includes all registered students; excludes high school programs, OHSU-managed students and students who have attested that they will not be on campus.

*Fully vaccinated as defined in PSU’s Vaccination Policy.

Vaccination Policy

All students and employees who access PSU locations must submit either (1) an attestation confirming the student or employee has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19; or (2) submit a medical or nonmedical exemption. 

PSU’s Vaccination Policy applies to full and part-time employees, and all students enrolled in programs with in-person instruction for any portion of their course load. It also applies to students who are registered for fully online courses and participate in any on-site or in-person university activity or university-provided or sponsored service.

Case Dashboards

Center For Disease Control (CDC) COVID Data Tracker

  • The CDC provides maps, charts, and data, that are updated Monday through Friday by 8 pm Eastern time. This data can be viewed at the county or state level. A weekly interpretive summary of COVID-19 data is also available.

Oregon Health Authority Dashboards

  • The Oregon Health Authority has developed 32 unique, publicly available reports. Data views include cases and vaccination rates, hospitalization by vaccination status and outcome, wastewater surveillance data, variant summary, and more.

Regional COVID-19 Dashboard

  • Multnomah (where the Portland State campus is located), Yamhill, Clackamas, and Washington counties pool public health data and offer three COVID-19 reports. Viewers may view data by one, some or all counties in Oregon.