About Digital Privacy

When you visit our Web site, "https://www.pdx.edu," or use our mobile app, "Portland State Mobile," we may automatically collect certain information, such as:

  • Domain, country, IP address
  • Browser, platform, resolution
  • Entrance-exit pages, referrals
  • Date, time
  • Search terms and search engines

This is standard practice for Web sites, and is not used for any purpose other than to evaluate how we can design the site to best serve your needs.

Tracking Users: We do not ask Web site users to identify themselves or reveal any personal information unless they are requesting special services, registering for programs or classes, or making use of those portions of the pdx.edu Web site restricted to registered site users. 

Analytics: Our Web site leverages Google Analytics site-wide and Google Tag Manager on select sites.  Additional information about each of these services, data collected and their respective privacy policiies is available:

Security Measures: Our security measures involve both managerial and technical policies and procedures to protect against loss and the unauthorized access, destruction, use, or disclosure of user data. Our technical security measures to prevent unauthorized access include encryption in the transmission of data, and storage of data on secure servers or computers.

Additional Portland State Univesity Web Site Privacy Policies :