COVID-19 PPE (masks, wipes, sanitizer) Policy & Procedures

Masks Policies (Reusable Cloth and Disposable “Surgical”)

  • Departments may acquire 1 cloth mask per employee at no cost to the department. An additional 1 mask per employee may be acquired by CPC and EHS. FPM employees are allocated up to 4 cloth masks.
  • Departments may acquire disposable masks at no cost, up to 200 masks per request. Expected uses for these masks include but are not limited to (1) use by employees who forgot to bring their cloth mask to campus, and (2) use by customers, visitors or guests who do not have them and who are required to wear them.
  • Disposable masks will be available at most building entrances.
  • Clear Masks: One Clear Mask will be made available to every employee who is teaching and those who are interacting with folks at front desks. As an alternative, Humanity Shields can be requested and will be provided based on availability.
  • Instructors with classes in need of clear masks can make requests (one per student) through the COVID Supply Request Form. Please include the reason for your request in the submission. Requests will be approved on a case by case basis.
  • Per the Masks and Face Covering Policy, face shields (other than the Humanity Shield) are not approved face coverings. Employees with disabilities can make requests for accommodations through Human Resources. Students with disabilities can make requests for accommodations through the Disability Resource Center.

Hand Sanitizer + Wipes Policies

  • Departments may acquire surface cleaning wipes, hand sanitizing wipes, and large bottles of hand sanitizer from Materials Management Services (MMS) at no cost for general department use, as a shared resource.
  • Departments who have employees working on campus in remote areas may stop by MMS or submit a request to acquire small, personal use hand sanitizer bottles from MMS at no cost.


  • Departments may request all items listed above by submitting the COVID Supply Request Form to Materials Management.
  • MMS will determine how many of the items requested to provide based on the total number of employees within the department per the policies listed above.
  • Unless employees within the department are currently working on campus, distribution of requests will begin on August 20 and will be delivered by one week prior to Fall re-opening. Requests should be made prior to August 20 to ensure timely delivery.
  • Requests submitted after August 20 will be distributed as soon as possible following completion of the first round of requests.
  • MMS will contact the department to confirm the delivery has been made.
  • Employees who stop by MMS requesting items will be referred to this procedure.

COVID Supply Requests

Departments may request COVID cleaning supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE) by completing and submitting a COVID Supply Request Form below.