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At Portland State, students don’t wait to change the world. Community-based learning forms the backbone of education here, reflecting our deep commitment to community service and intellectual rigor.

College of the Arts

Our artistic heart lies in four schools: architecture, art and design, film, and music and theatre. More than 125 teaching faculty, staff and instructors collaborate with students and the city’s major arts institutions to energize and enrich the arts community.

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Maseeh College of Engineering & Computer Science

Portland State’s Maseeh College not only offers students a high-quality education but helps launch careers through collaboration with world-class professors on real-world projects.

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College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (CLAS)

As the largest academic school at Portland State, CLAS is a hotbed of learning and exploration. From economic sustainability in East Africa and proficiency in Asian languages to workplace dynamics in the U.S. and the art of writing short stories, students learn from a faculty deeply enmeshed in a range of fields.

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College of Urban & Public Affairs (CUPA)

Our College advances public affairs and policy in the community, region, state and beyond. We prepare leaders in public and nonprofit fields through high quality academic and professional programs that span urban planning, governance and public administration, economics and international and global studies. We create knowledge to inform public policy, stimulate innovation, and assess impact.

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The School of Business

Join students from around the world in a unique focus on global business, holistic leadership, and sustainable innovation. At Portland State, business as usual is anything but as students strive to build the economic and social vitality of communities.

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College of Education (COE)

Each year, students at Oregon’s largest and most comprehensive school of education master the skills and develop the tools to teach and counsel others. We are deeply entwined in the work lives of Oregon’s educators and counselors, who rely on the school to advance their careers and further hone their talents.

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OHSU-PSU School of Public Health

Oregon Health & Science University and Portland State University join forces to offer undergraduate and graduate programs that meet the evolving public health needs of Oregon and beyond.

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School of Social Work (SSW)

The School of Social Work is proud to be the only university in Oregon to offer programs in master’s and Ph.D. level social work. Combined with our undergraduate students and our unwavering faculty, our social work community is dedicated to eradicating poverty, fighting for social justice, and empowering all individuals and groups to determine their own destinies.

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University Honors College

For our most dedicated students, we have the University Honors College. All courses are reading-, writing- and research intensive. They’re also incomparably rewarding. Honors students have the opportunity to live and study among other high-achieving students.