Student Success
Improving student success and experience, including retention and graduation rates, is a high priority for Portland State University.

A portfolio of student success initiatives, including recommendations from units across PSU, have been strategically implemented to improve student success. PSU currently uses predictive analytics and tools to identify data trends and areas in need of further discovery and assessment.  PSU is committed to the research and implementation of effective practices to improve student experiences and foster student success through targeted student outreach and campaigns, student success projects that utilize solution-based thinking to address challenges and form strategies for implementation, and collaboration across units.  

Portland State University's Office of Student Success utilizes the principles of design to engage faculty, staff, and students in identifying problems and designing solutions to the following key questions:

  • How do we make learning more accessible, reduce costs, serve diverse students, and improve student outcomes?
  • How do we identify the right problems to solve in order to reach those outcomes?
  • How do we solve those problems in a communal way, using the social approaches to discovery and learning that work so well in the classroom.

In alignment with the Strategic Plan 2016-20, PSU will continue to implement a portfolio of student success initiatives to elevate student success.