Portland State's Financial Aid Office is here to help you apply for financial aid, understand your award, and manage your financial aid while you're at PSU. PSU awards federal, state, and institutional financial aid to more than 18,000 students each year.

The Financial Aid Office began processing COVID-19 related appeals on August 1, 2020 for students and their parents whose financial situation has changed because of the pandemic.

Spring term 2021 financial aid disbursement begins Friday, March 19, 2020 for eligible students in good Satisfactory Academic Progress.

The 2021-2022 Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is now available. This application is for fall term 2021 through summer term 2022.

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Submit an Appeal for COVID-19 Financial Aid Reconsideration

Submit an appeal if COVID-19 has impacted your or your family's income. This appeal gives students and their parents the opportunity to have the current financial situation reevaluated and, potentially update their award.

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Apply for Financial Aid

Portland State University students should use the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to apply for financial aid. If you are not eligible to submit the FAFSA, you can submit the Oregon Student Aid Application (ORSAA).


After you submit your FAFSA, your financial aid application is processed by the Financial Aid Office. You are then sent a financial aid award with all of the types the aid for which you are eligible. In general, the financially neediest applicants who apply by February 1 are awarded grants, loans, and work study; the least financially needy applicants are only awarded federal student loans.


Eligibility for most aid is based on federally defined need via the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Eligibility for some kinds of aid is also based on high school or college grades, enrollment level (full-time or part-time), class standing (freshman, sophomore, etc.), academic major, state of legal residence, and other factors.


Fall Term 2020 financial aid disbursement began Friday, September 18, 2020 for eligible students in good Satisfactory Academic Progress standing who have submitted all requested documents and who are enrolled in the correct number of credit hours stated in their financial aid enrollment plan.

Types of Aid


All student records are handled following FERPA guidelines, based on federal law for protecting student education records. This law states that only students are authorized to receive information related to their student records via phone, email or in person by presenting an official ID. All non-directory information is strictly protected and will not be shared with anyone other than the student.

Students can authorize all or limited information to be shared with a parent, a spouse/partner, or an outside agency. Students must complete the Consent to Release Non-Directory Information form and submit it to the PSU Office of Student Financial Aid prior to any information being released.

This authorization can be an ongoing or a one-time release of information and may be revoked at any time by the student in writing.