Transferring to Portland State University

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Steps to Transfer

The best time to apply to PSU is different for everyone, review the steps below based on the credits you have or will have by the end of the current term. Whether or not you are ready to apply right now, we recommend that you either attend a transfer event or make an appointment with a transfer admissions counselor, see below for event and appointment details. An associate degree is NOT required to transfer to PSU. Review PSU's admission requirements for transfer students.

  • Students with 0-29 credits: Attend an event or make an appointment with an admissions counselor. 
  • Students with 30+ credits: Follow the steps to transfer and review our transfer guides. 

1. Review How Credits Transfer to PSU

Before you apply or meet with someone at PSU, you can figure out how your credits transfer. These tools are helpful for planning which courses to take and for assessing how the courses you've already taken transfer to PSU.

There are a few ways to figure out how credits will transfer to PSU. These tools can be helpful to students just starting out at a community college or those who are returning to finish a bachelor's degree after a break. Take a look at our Transfer Rules before you dive into credit transfers. Remember, if you have questions contact an admissions counselor.

  • Transfer Guides by Major: In collaboration with local community colleges, Portland State University created transfer guides to help you navigate the transfer process. These can help you plan which courses to take at the community college and which courses to take at PSU.
  • Transferology: Transferology provides transfer course equivalency information and degree progress reports. The PSU Transferology System is a web-based advising system intended to assist prospective transfer students in reviewing course transferability to Portland State University. Information obtained through this system is unofficial. An official Transfer Evaluation Report is provided upon admission to Portland State University. Transferology is only for colleges, community colleges and universities in Oregon and Washington. Before logging in to Transferology, review the Basic Transfer Rules for an overview of how credits transfer. Log in to Transferology.
  • Transfer Advising: You can meet with a transfer admissions counselor at a transfer event or make an appointment to meet one-on-one.

2. Understand How the PSU Degree Works

General Education 

The university's general education curriculum is designed to ensure graduates have a breadth of coursework from across the university's curricula. At PSU, University Studies and Urban Honors are the options for general education.

Major Requirements

A major is a primary field of study, an in-depth academic focus; you develop a significant level of knowledge in a specific academic area. In order to graduate, you must complete the requirements for one of the majors offered by PSU. 

Degree Requirements

Most students will complete either a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or a Bachelor of Science (BS), each of which has specific requirements associated with the degree type. The BA requires courses in arts & letters, science and/or social science and a second language. The BS requires courses in science, arts & letters and mathematics or statistics. Students completing a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Master of Arts (M.A.) degree must meet the second language requirement to graduate from Portland State.

Other Requirements

3. Attend an Event

We recommend that all students thinking about transferring or in the process of transferring meet with a PSU admissions representative. The sooner you connect with us the better. We offer events and one-on-one appointments at area community college campuses, phone appointments and events on the PSU campus. 


Transfer Open Houses: Offered monthly, you can meet with admissions and financial aid representatives, learn about PSU and tour our 50-acre, downtown campus. You can also get an instant admission decision AND we’ll defer your $50 application fee. View upcoming Transfer Open House dates.

Campus Tours: We highly recommend that you sign up for a campus tour, even if you’ve been here before. Your tour is led by a PSU student, and you’ll get an overview of our admissions processes during the  information session led by an admissions counselor. Sign up for a campus tour.

One-on-one Appointments: Our admissions counselors block out time to meet with folks one-on-one. 

Student from Marion, Multnomah & Washington counties select from these options: 

Students not from those counties should contact your admissions counselor.

At Local Community Colleges

Transfer Workshops: Portland State University hosts workshops at local community colleges in the fall and spring terms. Meet with admissions representatives and academic advisors and find out how your credits transfer to PSU. Attend a Transfer Workshop.

One-on-one Appointments: Our admissions counselors block out time to meet with folks one-on-one at area community colleges frequently. We do our best to meet your where you’re at, literally, so if you’re on a community college campus, we will meet you there. Check the schedule and make an appointment. 

Phone Appointments and Email

You can make an appointment to meet with a transfer admissions counselors over the phone. Schedule a phone appointment: 

Student from Marion, Multnomah & Washington counties select from these options: 

Students not from those counties should contact your admissions counselor.

You can also contact us via email or chat.

4. Paying for College

While you’re planning your transfer, figure out how much it will cost and how you’ll cover it. We have programs to help you pay, including Transfers Finish Free. You can also estimate your total cost of attendance per year using our Cost of Attendance Estimator.

Financial Aid and Scholarships: Financial aid works the same at PSU as it does at your current school. Submit the FAFSA as soon as it’s available (October 1 each year) and add PSU as one of your schools. If you have questions, contact PSU’s Financial Aid Office. You submit the FAFSA to apply for federal and state loans and grants. We also recommend applying for scholarships through PSU’s Scholarship Application (the deadline is February 1 each year). Be sure to peruse our Scholarship Database, there are hundreds of scholarships in there and you never know what you could qualify for.

Other Ways to Pay: Campus jobs and work study jobs are great ways to earn money while you’re in school. Check out Handshake, our job and internship portal, to search for and apply to campus and local jobs. Most campus departments rely on student employees and are willing to be flexible around your class schedule. Many departments prefer students who have been awarded federal work-study as part of their financial aid, but "regular wage" positions are also available for those who have not. Submit the FAFSA to find if you're eligible.

The PSU financial aid process might differ from the one at your current institution, for example, our financial aid year start in fall term and certain financial aid programs are only available to students who start in fall term. Consult with an admissions counselors before applying and selecting a start term. 

5. Review Important Dates and Deadlines

You can review the final application deadlines, but know that the earlier you apply to PSU the better for many reasons including:

  • You’ll get a transfer evaluation which will show you exactly which of your credits transfer to PSU. This will help you figure out what you should take prior to transferring and help you estimate your cost of attendance at PSU.
  • You’ll get to attend an admitted student event. These events are crucial for learning about how Portland State works, meeting faculty, staff and students and getting the opportunity to ask questions about anything and everything related to PSU and living in Portland.
  • The deadlines for grants and scholarships are February 1, it’s in your best interest to apply to PSU by then for your best chance at receiving financial aid and grants.

Review all important dates and deadlines associated with admission and scholarships.

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