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Welcome to University Studies!  Each year PSU welcomes at least 3,000 transfer students from across the world. As an urban university with a highly mobile community, you will find that UNST teachers, mentors, and staff are committed to students’ success.

Whether you are coming in as a Freshman, a Sophomore, a Junior, or Senior, University Studies General Education program is designed around four goals that not only connect you to your community and complement your major but build your skills to address the issues of the 21st century. 

Applying to PSU as a Transfer Student

Transferring in/Transferring UNST credits 

Transferology and you!
Learn about college credit equivalencies and degree requirements.

If you have any questions about transferring, the themes, or courses offered, please check out the links on this page or contact us.

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For Freshmen

As a freshman transfer student you will join a yearlong cohort called Freshman Inquiry (FRINQ). This mentored learning community is based around interactive themes that help you explore a topic from multiple perspectives. Visit the FRINQ Themes page to find a course that’s right for you. 

For Sophomores

When transferring in as a Sophomore, you will take one to three mentored courses depending on the number of credits you transfer in. Sophomore Inquiry (SINQ) courses introduce students to concepts, questions, methods, and other content that are to be further explored in their corresponding Clusters. Our transfer in/out page has a table that you can refer to for you planning [Link to transfer in/out page].

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For Juniors

Transferring in as a Junior with 90 or more credits, you will take three Upper Division Cluster courses and a Senior Capstone. These courses engage students more richly and more in-depth with thematic lines of inquiry and a community-based learning experience. 

Check our SINQ Cluster pages and Senior Capstone site for a closer look at the themes and courses offered.

What is a Peer Mentor and why do I have one in my course?

The University Studies Peer Mentor Program at Portland State University plays an integral role in the Freshman Inquiry (FRINQ) and Sophomore Inquiry (SINQ) courses by recruiting highly-skilled undergraduate and graduate students to mentor first and second-year students. Peer Mentors work directly with the FRINQ and SINQ faculty to support students in developing the skills needed to succeed at the university. Instead of acting as teaching assistants, UNST’s Peer Mentors are role models that guide, interpret, and support students to build learning communities.