Business Intelligence and Analytics Certificate Curriculum

Fall Term   Course Title
ETM 540 (4 credits)   Operations Research Management Science
Students are required to take ONE of the following two courses.
Please note these courses have varying prerequisites.

ISQA 516 (3 Credits)
Applied Regression Analysis (Online)

Statistics Primer*
(Online, No Credit, Pass/No Pass)


STAT 564 (3 Credits)
Regression Analysis

MTH 261: Linear Algebra
STAT 451/551: Applied Statistics or 
STAT 461/561: Intro to Mathematical Statistics

Winter Term   Course Title
ETM 538 (4 credits)   Decision Support Systems: Data Warehousing
SySc 531 (4 credits)   Data Mining with Information Theory
Spring Term   Course Title
ISQA 520 (4 credits)   Intro to Business Intelligence & Analytics
ISQA 521 (2 credits) (Online)   Data Visualization
Total Credits: 21    

*The primer course is a series of undergraduate-level video modules and assessments designed to prepare students with knowledge in Statistics. The course will be available to all students admitted to the BIA Certificate.

Note for F1 Visa Students
As part of your visa requirement, you will need additional credits in order to meet the 9-credit per term minimum. Please check in with Laura Bald to explore options before submitting your application. You can email her at