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Food Industry Management Certificate

The Food Industry Management Certificate provides undergraduate students with an educational foundation in the field of food distribution, marketing, and management. Certificate requirements include the study of the overall competitive business marketplace of the food industry from a cross-industry perspective, consumer trends, trade relationships, supply and logistics issues, retailing and distribution, electronic commerce and an industry practicum.

Food Industry Management Certificate at Portland State University School of Business in OregonCombined with an undergraduate degree concentration such as human resources, accounting or finance, the Food Industry Management Certificate prepares students to work in a variety of fields within the highly specialized and growing field of food industry management. Students are required to gain admission to the School of Business Administration through the regular admission process and must complete degree requirements specified for a business administration major.

Students must also complete one (or more) option requirements, and all certificate requirements below.

Food Industry Management Certificate Courses (20 Credit Total)

  • MKTG 435 Consumer Package Goods (4 Credits)
    • Prerequisites: BA 311 and/or BA 339
  • MKTG 375 Retailing (4 Credits)
    • Prerequisite: BA 311
  • ISQA 432 Craft Beverages Operations (4 Credits)
    • Upper division class standing
  • MKTG 409 Food Industry Practicum/Internship (4 Credits)
    • Prerequisite: Prior Consent by Instructor

Directed Electives (Students are required to complete 4 credit hours of electives)

  • MKTG 338 Professional selling (4 credits)
  • MGMT 351 Human Resource Management (4 Credits)
  • MGMT 445 Organizational Design and Change (4 Credits)
  • MGMT 464 Leadership Course (4 Credits)
  • ACTG 460 Advanced Managerial Accounting (4 Credits)
  • MGMT 467 Sales Management (4 Credits) (not regularly offered)
  • MKTG 452 Business to Business Marketing (4 Credits) (not regularly offered)
  • MKTG 462 Customer Information & Relationship Mtg. (4 Credits) (not regularly offered)

*Please note that you must pair this certificate with a business major option at PSU. There are additional requirements needed to earn a degree, please utilize the the School of Business advising guide and the Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS).

Download the Food Industry Management Certificate Sequence Sheet (PDF) for additional details about our pre-requisites, requirements, credits and suggested sequences. Visit Degree Requirements for detailed requirements for your entire degree.