Undergraduate Program World History Minor

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World History Minor Overview

The Minor in World History allows students to explore a variety of broad topics and themes from a comparative, transregional, and/or transcontinental point of view (see below for a partial list of courses).

This minor offers a great deal of flexibility, allowing students to choose electives for most of their credits, in world history as well as in the history of science, women, transnationalism, and the environment.

Degree Details

World History Minor: Why PSU?

The Department of History at PSU places a strong emphasis on its curriculum on world history and has many faculty with expertise in this field. History students at PSU are able to build strong relationships with faculty members through coursework, departmental and community events, and student groups. These connections are further supported through opportunities for career and academic advising, directed research, and internships in the local community.

What can I do with a minor in World History?

A Minor in World History can provide a deeper and richer appreciation of global history for non-History majors by providing a grounding in the historical context of your chosen area of study. For example, students who major in Economics, International Studies, World Languages, Political Science, and other fields will gain valuable insight into the historical contexts of global modernization, migration, conflicts, the effects of colonialism, competition for resources, or economic development. Students with knowledge of historical context, analytical writing, research, and communications skills will have an advantage in the job market and a more diverse resume. 

Featured Courses

  • HST 390U Topics in World History (selected topics: “A History of War,” “Energy Crises and Transitions,” "Africa and the Slave Trade," “World Religions”)
  • HST 490 Comparative World History (each course taught by an instructor with a particular theme or focus)


  • HST 104-106 Introduction to World History I, II, III
  • HST 339U Environment and History
  • HST 361 Modern France and the World Since 1815
  • HST 369U Women and World History
  • HST 387U History of Science
  • HST 413 Topics in Transnationalism


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