Language, Culture & Meaning Pathway

The Language, Culture and Meaning Pathway invites students to explore the many ways in which humans communicate with one another, create unique cultures together, and formally document their life experiences.

Through critical examination of the languages we speak, the cultures we construct, and the stories we tell, students will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the diverse ways in which the human condition is experienced, communicated and expressed.

Majors include: Anthropology, Applied Linguistics, Arts & Letters*, Communication, Creative Writing, English, History, Judaic Studies, Liberal Studies*, Philosophy, Speech & Hearing Sciences, World Languages (Arabic, Chinese, French. German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish)

* Students who change to Arts & Letters or Liberal Studies may continue to meet their original advisor and do not need to change to an LCM advisor.

Important information for students starting PSU in Fall 2021:

Incoming freshmen and transfer students must complete Orientation online prior to scheduling an appointment with their advisor for their first term. Completing Orientation opens access to registration and covers the information necessary to select and register for classes, and you may follow up with your advisor if you have questions. You might also get some answers at one of our LCM Pathway Welcome webinars or you can email questions about your schedule to

Transfer students can make an appointment with a Transfer & Returning Student Advisor prior to completing Orientation in regards to:

  • general* degree requirements like University Studies and BA/BA (*not major requirements)
  • how your credits transferred to PSU
  • connecting to campus resources
  • how to read your degree audit (DARS)

How to meet with an LCM Advisor:

Students in all majors in this Pathway, including Exploratory, are assigned to their advisor based on the last two digits of the PSU ID number. Please see the listing below. If you have developed a strong relationship with your previous advisor and wish to continue working with them, please contact that advisor to request reassignment.

To schedule an appointment, call our Front Desk at 503-725-3822 or use the links below.

For general questions, email Please do not use this email to request an appointment.

Postbaccalaureate students in Speech & Hearing Sciences should email Jeff Conn in the SPHR Department at for an appointment.

First-Year Mandatory Advising Appointments:

If fall 2020 was your first term at PSU and have not met with an advisor, a hold has been activated on your account. Advisors' schedules are very full, but we continue to open additional appointments on a daily basis; please check back for availability or use this advising hold appointment calendar or email for assistance.

Language, Culture & Meaning Advisors