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World History Minor

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World History Minor Overview

The minor in world history allows students to pursue their own interests in history, by selecting from a wide variety of courses. Our courses in world history explore topics and themes from a comparative point of view.

This minor offers a great deal of flexibility, allowing students to choose electives for most of their credits, in world history as well as in history of science, women, transnationalism and the environment.

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World History Minor: Why PSU?

History students at PSU build strong relationships with faculty members who are experts in their particular fields, not only through our courses. These connections are strengthened through opportunities for career and academic advising, directed research and internships in the local community. History majors also can join dedicated student groups and gain exclusive access to scholarships, awards and other financial support.

The history department at Portland State is also the host for Friends of History, the Pacific Historical Review, a Public History project and the Heritage Tree Project. These programs give our students access to community partners, build the university’s connections to the community and amplify the continued need and importance of recording and studying history.

Friends of History promotes excellence in the teaching and study of history within the University and strives to increase awareness of this resource in the Portland metropolitan area.

Pacific History Review is a leading scholarly journal in the United States, this quarterly publication, covers the rich history of the North American West and the peoples and cultures of the Pacific World including Asia, Latin America, and beyond. The publication relies on work done by graduate student fellows, interns and other student workers.
The Public History program is a concentration in the history major that gives faculty and students the opportunity to work collaboratively on public history projects for and with community partners. Students also participate in public history internships throughout the greater Portland area and produce projects of their own design.

Portland's Heritage Tree program protects roughly 300 trees in the city, recognized for their historical significance, size or horticultural value. The Heritage Tree Project complements this effort, students use historical research in the local archives, and delve into the history of the city’s trees, helping to expand the historical programming and documentation of the city’s program. The Portland Heritage Tree Podcasts explore a few of the many trees within the program as well as a few trees that are not officially designated.

What can I do with a minor in World History?

A minor in world history can provide a deeper and richer appreciation for your major by providing a solid grounding in the historical context of the major. History students often find employment in the fields of law, in government and nonprofit agencies, in education and in business. A minor in medieval studies is an excellent complement to any major. Students with knowledge of history context and writing and communications skills will have advantage in the job market and a more diverse resume.

Featured Courses

  • HST 390 Topics in World History (topics like "A Global History of Oil," "World War I," or "Africa and the Slave Trade")
  • HST 490 Comparative World History (each course taught by an instructor with a particular theme of focus)


  • HST 339 Environment and History
  • HST 369 Women and World History
  • HST 387 History of Science


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