Undergraduate Program Medieval Studies Minor

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Medieval Studies Minor Overview

The Minor in Medieval Studies is an interdisciplinary degree with courses offered in art history, English, history, Judaic Studies, philosophy, and world languages and literatures (including Greek, Latin, French, German, Spanish, and Japanese).

Students will learn to think historically, comparatively, and across disciplines about the medieval cultures of western Eurasia and the Mediterranean. The Minor develops students’ awareness of and competencies in navigating difference by exposing them to the cultural, religious, ethnic, linguistic, and intellectual diversity of the medieval world. Students will critically assess textual, artistic, and material sources using different disciplinary methodologies, and come to understand medieval world views and values and how they differ from and anticipate those of the modern world. Courses emphasize reading (literary and visual) and analysis of primary sources; writing; and interpretation of the plural cultures and beliefs that made up the medieval world.

Degree Details

Medieval Studies Minor: Why PSU?

The Minor in Medieval Studies is an excellent complement to any major, and particularly well-suited for students seeking to develop cultural competencies. Students can sample freely from on-line and face-to-face courses across the university, and are required to take classes in at least three different disciplines, exposing them to a range of approaches and methodologies for understanding the medieval world. In addition to an engaged faculty, Portland State has an excellent teaching collection of medieval manuscripts and early printed books, as well as a robust library collection covering the field of medieval studies.

What can I do with a minor in Medieval Studies?

Students might find a greater understanding of their majors by exploring the historical context of the medieval texts and culture. History students often find employment in the fields of law, in government and nonprofit agencies, in education, and in business. A minor in medieval studies is an excellent complement to any major. Students with knowledge of historical context and writing and communications skills will have an advantage in the job market and a more diverse resume.

Featured Courses

  • ArH 355U Medieval Monsters
  • ArH 358U Romanesque Art
  • ArH 360U The Art of War: Representing the Crusades
  • LAT 101-203 First- and Second-Year Latin
  • ENG 319U Northern European Mythology
  • ENG 340U Medieval Literature
  • HST 350U English History from 1066 to 1660
  • HST 352U European Women’s History to 1700
  • HST 354U Early Medieval Europe, 300-1100
  • HST 355U Late Medieval Europe, 1100-1450
  • HST 375U History of Kievan and Muscovite Russia, 800s-1700
  • JST/HST 3171U Jewish History from Antiquity to the Medieval Period
  • JST/HST 378U Pagans, Christians, and Jews
  • HST 416 Topics in Roman History
  • HST 453 The Medieval City
  • PHL 302U Medieval Philosophy
  • WLL 319U Fairy Tales and Folklore
  • WLL 335U The Icelandic Sagas

Featured Electives

Review the full list of more than 50 possible elective courses for the certificate in Medieval Studies.


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