Graduate Certificate Program Hydrology

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Hydrology Graduate Certificate Overview

PSU Fariborz Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science

Water is one of our most important natural resources, and hydrology has evolved as a science and profession in response to the need to understand complex water systems and help solve water problems.

PSU's graduate certificate in hydrology provides you with advanced training in hydrology, preparing you to pursue a graduate degree or certification as a professional hydrologist with the American Institute of Hydrology.

Trained hydrologists are needed to solve problems concerning drinking water supplies, stream habitat and water supply requirements for important aquatic organisms, the variability of climate and its effect on water supplies and hazards, and the threat posed to all these resources by industrial, agricultural, and domestic contamination and overuse. This program provides the specialized knowledge and skills necessary to succeed as a trained hydrologic professional.

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Degree Details

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Hydrology Graduate Certificate: Why PSU?

You can complete our certificate in just six courses and be ready to apply your new knowledge on the job right away or transfer credit toward a master's degree.

Our program helps you build a foundation in surface hydrology, hydrogeology, and water quality, and gain the skills needed to solve quantitative and qualitative hydrologic problems.

What can I do with a graduate certificate in Hydrology?

PSU's hydrology certificate meets the primary hydrological education requirements to be certified by the American Institute of Hydrology.

Our graduates go on to work in federal, state, and local government agencies, commercial and industrial corporations in the private sector, and consulting firms that deal with hydrogeologic regulations, wetland mitigations, environmental regulations, flood prediction, pollution abatement, and bioremediation, environmental site audits, and regulatory compliance.

Featured Courses

  • CE 565 Watershed Biogeochemistry
  • CE 564 Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling
  • GEOG 566 Glaciology
  • CE 569 Subsurface Hydrology
  • CE 590 Soil and Groundwater Restoration
  • ESM 573 Phytoplankton Ecology
  • ESM 562 Climate Change Impacts, Adaptations, and Responses
  • CE 587 Aquatic Chemistry

Featured Electives

  • GEOG 541 Ground Water Modeling 
  • GEOG 543 Ground Water Geology
  • GEOG 544 Well Dynamics
  • GEOG 548 Chemical Hydrogeology
  • BI 575 Limnology


The Graduate Certificate of Hydrology is designed to give students advanced training in hydrology, and leads to professional certification with the American Institute of Hydrology (AIH).

Portland State University is fully accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU).