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If you transfer to another institution, the financial aid you were awarded at Portland State University does not automatically carry over to the new institution and your financial aid eligibility will have to be evaluated at the new school. There are a number of steps to take to ensure that your financial aid is processed in a timely manner at the new institution.

You must first cancel your PSU financial aid by completing a revision request. Once submitted, this form usually takes two weeks to process. After your financial aid is canceled at PSU, be sure to obtain a copy of your updated award letter from the Office of Financial Aid to present to your new institution as proof that you do not have any pending financial aid at Portland State University.

Simultaneously, you should also add your new institution’s school code to your FAFSA. This will allow your new school to  receive and review your FAFSA and determine your financial aid eligibility. Once your FAFSA is updated, follow up with your new school as needed to ensure that your financial aid is being processed and you do not have any additional requirements.

Lastly, any Stafford Loans that you received at PSU during the same aid year will be deducted from your annual eligibility and may affect your Stafford Loan eligibility at the new school.