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Castle in Germany

German Bachelor's Degree and Minor Overview

Combining linguistic mastery with cultural and historical study, a bachelor's degree in German from Portland State prepares you for a wide range of careers and opportunities upon graduation.

Through the intensive study of German literature with regards to intricate grammar, syntax, and near-fluent speech, you'll receive a uniquely well-rounded education applicable to professional environments all over the world.

PSU's dynamic German program is designed to help prepare you to gain advanced skills with the language through a wide range of courses. Our expert faculty will help you become proficient at reading, writing, and speaking contemporary German, preparing you to one day gain fluency.

While studying the language, you will also have the opportunity to learn about German literature, cinema, history, social issues, and food. A special emphasis is placed on literature and art, with multiple courses devoted specifically to understanding the cultural significance of German philosophical thought and the complex landscape of German art, music, and poetry.

Degree Details

German Bachelor's Degree and Minor: Why PSU?

Portland State University is home to Deutsche Sommerschule am Pazifik, one of the nation’s premier German intensive programs offered in the summer. Leading students through language, history, culture, literature, and pedagogy during five-weeks of thoughtful coursework.

The program is open to all students regardless of class standing, age, or cultural background. Participants can earn credit that goes towards their bachelor’s degree at Portland State. Most students leave the program having advanced an entire level in their language proficiency.

What can I do with a bachelor's degree or minor in German?

Highly utilized in the realms of business and international trade, German-speaking communities exist all over the world, meaning that students who wish to pursue careers with a bachelor's degree in German have the opportunity to find rewarding careers in many different countries.

The German program’s knowledgeable faculty prepares students to graduate with a proficiency in the German language, leading to rewarding careers in fields such as teaching and tutoring, international trade and business, social work, law, linguistics, and English teaching, hospitality and tourism, technical writing and translation, international development, public service, non-profit work, Peace Corps, social media, and publishing.

Featured Courses

  • GER 320 German for the Working World
  • GER 325 German Phonetics and Phonology
  • GER 340 Fundamentals of German Literary Studies
  • GER 421 German Short Prose
  • GER 415 Business German
  • GER 427 The Age of Goethe
  • GER 428 German Romanticism
  • GER 429 German Realism and Naturalism
  • GER 433 German Literature of the 20th Century
  • GER 441U Major Works in Translation
  • GER 442U Medieval Works in Translation
  • GER 484 German Stylistics
  • GER 490 History of the German Language
  • GER 497 Applied German Linguistics


Student may take up to eight advisor-approved elective credits.



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