Business Minor in Advertising Management for Graphic Design Majors

"You get connected with double the professors, and you figure out how to work with people with different minds and skill sets. If I had just worked with design majors, I wouldn't be as prepared to work with account, media, PR, etc. Ultimately, they make you think differently from your design colleagues and push you to find better solutions."

-Briana Romancier: Graphic Design alum; Art Director, Coates Kokes

Leverage Your Creativity

Your creative skills give you a leg up on your peers. Combine your passion for creating great content with an advertising minor, and open doors to the creative and dynamic world of advertising. The Advertising Management Minor for Graphic Design Majors provides critical marketing and advertising business skills to students who plan careers in the graphic design field. The six courses in the minor provide exposure to an understanding of advertising and marketing principles, including marketing's role in business, consumer behavior, identifying target markets, creative and media strategy development, and promotional campaign planning.

The Curriculum: 24 Credits, 6 Courses

Download the Business Minor in Advertising Management sequence sheet (PDF) for additional details about our pre-requisites, requirements, credits and suggested sequences.

Suggested Sequence Fall:

1st Term 2nd Term 3rd Term 4th Term
BA 101 BA 316U BA 326U MKTG Elective
FIN 218 MKTG 340U MKTG 442  
  • BA101 - Introduction to Business and World Affairs (4)
    The initial course in both the Business Minor and the Business Major, BA 101 uses the business planning process and a functional approach to introduce students to the basic foundations of business including finance, management, accounting, and marketing. (Offered every term)
  • FIN218 - Personal Finance (4)
    Topics include investments, budgets, real estate ownership, financial institutions, consumers’ credit, social security, the stock market, mutual funds, and estate planning from the individual’s point of view. (Offered every term)
  • BA 316U – Essentials of Marketing (4)
    Essential topics in marketing for business minors and non-business majors. Students will be introduced to the basic concepts of marketing and customer satisfaction. Students will explore the primary considerations of the market environment and marketing practices including price, promotion, distribution, and product in an applied setting.
  • MKTG 340U - Advertising (4)
    An introductory course designed to provide an overview of marketing communications, plus an understanding of fundamental advertising issues and strategies. The course focuses on concepts, principles, processes, terminology, trends, and techniques which shape this constantly changing field including the impact of technology on message delivery.
  • MKTG 442 - Creative Strategy (4)
    The course puts into practice the theories, principles, and techniques of the advertising business loosely known as "creative." Course material will focus on the strategy behind advertising messages, techniques for writing and designing advertisements, and the unique requirements of different types of creative messages. Also includes creative considerations for specific media including those driven by technology. Prerequisite: MKTG 340U
  • Four (4) MKTG elective credits from the following:
    • MKTG 449 – Portfolio Workshop (2)
      Work with a team through an intensive weekend-long class to develop an advertising campaign to add to your portfolio work. Capped with a presentation to advertising industry professionals. May be repeated.
    • MKTG 399 – FIR Advertising Agency Internship (2)
      Intern in a real advertising agency environment producing work for actual clients, gaining experience while learning true accountability. Students admitted by application only. Must be taken a minimum of two terms.
    • MKTG 443 - Advertising Campaigns (4)
      Emphasis is on the development of total advertising campaign from a marketing perspective. Integrates elements of the advertising process such as setting objectives, selection of target markets, budget development, media selection, message creation, production, development of presentation and recap documents and the staging of a major promotional event using both traditional and emerging advertising media as available. Prerequisite: MKTG 340U, MKTG 442
    • ART 367 – Design Business Practices (4)
      Integrate strategic design and planning, creative process, project management, and studio management in a collaborative environment. See catalog for additional information, prerequisites and availability.

NOTE: Graphic Design students seeking the Advertising Management Minor are exempt from admission to the School of Business. In order to register for these courses, contact your advisor via email with your ID number and the class you'd like to take.