PSU offers financial relief for spring term

The entire Portland State community is preparing to embark on a new virtual landscape for spring term 2020. We are committed to providing a rigorous academic experience even as we modify our educational environment to address global public health imperatives. It will be different, but we are adapting critical student support services to ensure they are responsive and accessible. 

At the same time, we recognize that many PSU facilities will be unavailable during the coming months. In response to these changes and to help alleviate the acute financial challenges we know many students are facing during these trying times, we are announcing several key changes.

Student Fees

Student fees support programs and facilities critical to the wellbeing and academic success of students. During spring term, some services will be modified or unavailable. PSU is recommending that the Board of Trustees temporarily reduce or eliminate the associated fees. If approved by the Board of Trustees at their April 9 meeting, these changes will reduce the overall cost of attendance for the spring term. For students who have paid their bill in full, a refund will be credited to their student accounts. Proposed fee reductions include: 

  • Eliminate the Campus Recreation Center Fee ($44 flat rate per term)
  • Course fees that are used for consumable supplies or services specific to face-to-face instruction will be reduced (variable by course)
  • A reduction of $20 per student in the Student Incidental Fee as recommended by the Student Fee Committee (SFC)
  • Reductions to the Student Building Fee as recommended by the SFC at their March 30 meeting

PSU is continuing to collect student fees associated with services that will be available in the remote learning environment. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of these services which include: 


We recognize that many students are facing unexpected and significant financial disruptions. If you need to delay your April 6 tuition payment for any reason, no late fees (up to $100) will be charged. In addition, the period for receiving a 100% refund on dropped courses is being extended by one week, to April 12. 

The Board of Trustees was scheduled to consider tuition changes for the 2021 academic year at the April 9 meeting. Tuition review will be delayed by the Board in an effort to assess the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 response and to ensure adequate access for public testimony.  

Financial Wellness

Any student seeking financial guidance should reach out to a financial coach in the Financial Wellness Center at 503-725-3440, Monday - Friday from 9am to 5pm, or chat with them online at

The coronavirus is disrupting all of our lives, but at PSU we are committed to doing all we can to ensure it does not disrupt your academic career. We can overcome this challenge together.