Undergraduate Program Science

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Science Bachelor's Degree Overview

Discover the limitless possibilities of science and its real-world applications with a bachelor's degree in Science from Portland State University. The flexible major can be tailored to fit your goals and will provide a basic mastery of multiple scientific fields.

Degree Details

Science Bachelor's Degree: Why PSU?

As a science major, you will be able to take classes in anthropology, biology, chemistry, environmental science and management, geography, geology, math and statistics, physics, science education, and systems science.

Our professional advisors will help you take full advantage of the program and carefully design your program of study, whether you plan to go to medical school or want to become a science teacher.

Field and lab work takes you out of the classroom and gives you hands-on experience.

What can I do with a bachelor's degree in Science?

A bachelor's degree in Science from Portland State provides you with a strong foundation in the sciences to pursue a variety of careers.

Many of our students interested in pursuing a medical, dental, or veterinary degree as well as those who want to teach elementary and middle school math coordinate their prerequisites into the Science major. Combined with a second major or minor in English, the Science major can also prepare you for a writing career in science and technology.

Required Courses

In addition to meeting all of the non-major and general education baccalaureate degree requirements, a Science major must complete 52 credits in arts and letters or science or social science. A minimum of 32 of the 52 credits must be upper-division with at least 8 upper-division credits in each of two departments. In addition to 52 credits, all students must take WR 323 or a Writing Intensive course for a total of 56 credits.

Academic Distribution Area

The Science academic distribution area consists of undergraduate courses from the following areas:

Anthropology (ANTH 101, ANTH 370/370L, ANTH 372, ANTH 373, ANTH 376, ANTH 379, ANTH 471, ANTH 472, ANTH 477, ANTH 478, ANTH 479 only), Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science and Management, Geography (GEOG 210, GEOG 310U, GEOG 311U, GEOG 312U, GEOG 313U, GEOG 314U, GEOG 320, GEOG 322U, GEOG 333U, GEOG 340U, GEOG 380U, GEOG 407, GEOG 413, GEOG 414, GEOG 415, GEOG 418, GEOG 420, GEOG 475, GEOG 480, GEOG 481, GEOG 482, GEOG 484, GEOG 485, GEOG 488, GEOG 489, GEOG 490, GEOG 492 - GEOG 497 only), Geology, Mathematics/Statistics, Physics, Science, Systems Science (SYSC 330, SYSC 332, SYSC 334, SYSC 431, SYSC 452 only).


Portland State University is fully accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU).