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Lake and Reservoir Management Certificate Overview

As the scientific management of lakes and reservoirs becomes increasingly vital in Oregon and across the country, PSU's certificate in Lake and Reservoir Management provides you with an understanding of the physical, ecological and economic aspects of lake management that is needed to contribute to solutions.

Our certificate will help you become more aware of the multiple dimensions of lake management, and prepare you to serve as a more effective liaison between the general public and the highly technical requirements and processes of agencies charged with protecting these resources.

With PSU's certificate, you'll also meet the academic requirements to be certified as a lake manager by the North American Lake Management Society.

Lake and Reservoir Management Certificate: Why PSU?

Portland State is home to the Center for Lakes and Reservoirs, which was established by the state legislature to address lake management and invasive species issues in Oregon.

You'll have opportunities to learn from and work with faculty who have expertise in managing watersheds, lakes, and reservoirs for ecological and water resources. Many of them are also active in the North American Lakes Management Society and the local chapters of the Oregon Lakes Association and Washington State Lake Protection Association.

Through courses on aquatic ecology, watershed processes, management, and policy areas, you'll gain the knowledge and skills you need to take active roles and contribute to the effective management of lakes and reservoirs.

What can I do with a certificate in Lake and Reservoir Management?

PSU's certificate in Lake and Reservoir Management prepares you to land a job in the field working with government and natural resource agencies and watersheds. Students can pair the certificate with their majors in environmental science and management and geography, or use it as preparation for obtaining professional certification with the North American Lake Management Society.

You'll gain valuable knowledge and skills that are transferable to other careers, including problem-solving, analytical and quantitative skills, leadership, teamwork, and written and verbal communication skills.