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Graduate Program Early Childhood: Inclusive Education

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Early Childhood: Inclusive Education (Online) Master's Degree Overview

Develop as a highly reflective and responsive early childhood educator or social service professional who has a deep understanding of the role of development, diversity, and culture in the lives of young children and their families.

The Master's in Early Childhood: Inclusive Education is a fully online, interdisciplinary program focused on inclusive education for young children, birth through age 8, and their families. Engage in early childhood courses reflecting an inquiry-based, constructivist approach to teaching and learning, framed by the pursuit of equity.

Graduates understand how to implement an inclusive approach, guided by a commitment to anti-bias education. This non-licensure program allows you to complete at your own pace, typically in two years, with a focus on one of the following specializations: Infant Toddler Mental Health, ConstructivismEarly Childhood Special Education, or a Distributed Pathway.

Program Values 

All of our classes include the following core values as threads throughout the curriculum, including our pedagogy, content, and our ways of working together. 

Respect ~ Honoring our diversity, welcoming multiple perspectives, affirming equity
Participation ~ Engaging all members of the community
Constructing knowledge ~ Inquiring, experimenting, theory building
Listening ~ Paying close attention
Reflection ~ Thinking deeply, inviting transformation
Representation ~ Making learning visible in many possible languages
Collaboration ~ Having wonderful ideas together
Change ~ Leading and engaging together with children, families and communities.

Early Childhood: Inclusive Education Master's Degree: Why PSU?

Online Learning: Develop skills in virtual communication. Collaborate with colleagues from around the nation and globe.

Action Research: Inquire into a question or problem in your professional work that you feel passionate about through the culminating action research sequence.

Innovative Practice: The program draws on the practice of educators at the Helen Gordon Child Development Center. Our curriculum includes anti-bias and inquiry-based education. Internships and practicum experiences can be arranged.

Study Abroad: Explore early childhood centers, preprimary schools, and infant-toddler centers around the world.

Summer Intensives: Learn constructivist curriculum such as making learning visible, ecology, and reuse materials through our optional summer intensive opportunities at the Helen Gordon Child Development Center.

Interdisciplinary Faculty: Core classes are co-taught. Faculty include early childhood faculty in the Curriculum & Instruction and Special Education departments.

University Support: PSU’s individual support resources and real-world applications incorporate the needs of the whole person. Our students are encouraged to nurture strong convictions and fearless confidence.

What can I do with an online master's degree in Early Childhood: Inclusive Education?

Our graduates advance as leaders in their field. Graduates immerse themselves in inclusive early childhood programs, including preschools, infant/toddler classrooms, public programs, and Head Start centers. Other graduates have pursued careers in mental health, curriculum development, teacher mentorship, and a range of social and community organizations serving families.

Our graduates work as:

  • Early Childhood Educators
  • K-2 teachers (this program does not offer state teacher licensure) 
  • Pedagogical leads and directors
  • State-level specialist and coordinators
  • Home visitors and home visitor supervisors
  • Faculty and professional development coordinators