Graduate Program Criminology and Criminal Justice

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Criminology and Criminal Justice Master's Degree Overview

The Department of Criminology & Criminal Justice’s campus-based Master of Science degree program provides students with a unique opportunity to study crime and the criminal justice system in a vibrant urban setting. Working closely with CCJ’s core faculty, students develop a tailored program to meet their individual academic needs and career goals. The degree is optimized for students to complete in six academic quarters (two years), but the program is flexible enough to allow for a longer timeline if needed. Through coursework, collaboration with faculty, peer interactions, and community-based learning experiences, students graduating from the program are prepared to assist criminal justice agencies, problem-solve, and give informed solutions to crime and justice issues.

Degree Details

Criminology and Criminal Justice Master's Degree: Why PSU?

A community of Engaged Learners 

Our mission envisions students and faculty as mutual partners working to discover, share, and problem-solve criminological and criminal justice issues inside and outside the classroom. CCJ Masters alumni continue this partnership with faculty as they successfully find jobs in agencies, research departments, and academia. Unlike Masters programs at many other universities, the CCJ graduate program is designed to provide students with opportunities to engage in the development of new knowledge and partner with faculty and community organizations in dealing with real-world projects and issues.

What can I do with a master's degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice?

Over the past ten years, our graduates have been successful in finding careers in the following fields: Academia/Ph.D., City government, Corrections, Local & Federal law enforcement, Probation officer, Research/Crime analyst, Counselor, Non-profit management

Featured Courses

  • CCJ 515 Theories of Crime and Justice
  • CCJ 520 Analysis of Crime and Justice Data
  • CCJ 525 Criminal Justice Theory
  • CCJ 530 Criminal Justice Research
  • CCJ 535 Criminal Justice Policy
  • CCJ 545 Advanced Topics in Research Methods


  • CCJ 435 Crime, Grime and Fear
  • CCJ 480 Community-based Treatment of Offenders
  • CCJ 485 Offender Rehabilitation
  • CCJ 511 Historical Perspectives of Criminal Justice
  • CCJ 546 Contemporary Problems in Criminal Justice


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