Quick Wins

Quick Wins

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A Quick Win is a Presidential Initiative to find new ways to implement innovative solutions to improve campus life.

Quick Wins are small changes to the campus environment or university processes. The quick wins process encourages all members of the campus to voice their thoughts on how PSU could be a better learning and working environment. At the core of this initiative is a desire for the campus leadership to hear from various constituencies about what our campus could improve. Not every idea submitted will be implemented by this committee, but it becomes an indicator for what is top of mind on campus and allows the committee to make recommendations on things that could be added, changed, or improved.  



Timeframe: a potential quick win can be completed in a relatively short amount of time.

Cost: a Quick Win is relatively inexpensive (less than $100) or fits within a departmental budget or deferred maintenance budget. 

Result: the idea has a positive outcome for the campus community.


Organized from September to June, the initial round of quick wins will start in February 2020 and end in June 2020.

The committee meets monthly and determines viability and if a quick win is funded.

The quick win submitter is then notified and the appropriate department is contacted.

To learn more about Quick Wins, contact Nicholas Running, nrunning@pdx.edu.


  • Chair: Nicholas Running, University Relations
  • Cindy Baccar, Registrar
  • Lisa Bates, Urban Studies & Planning
  • Keaton Ems, Student Member
  • Jason Franklin, Facilities
  • Jon Holt, World Languages & Literature
  • Becki Ingersoll, Advising
  • Aislyn Matias, Confilct Resolution
  • Traci Rossi, Center for Women’s Leadership
  • Alex Segura, Transportation & Parking Services
  • Lee Shaker, Communication
  • Marshawna Wiliams, Admissions