Headshot of Rachel Noorda

Rachel Noorda

Director of Publishing

Fields: Book Publishing, History of the Book, Scottish Literature, Marketing and Entrepreneurship Interface, Small Business, International Marketing, Cultural/Creative Industries


Rachel Noorda is Director of Book Publishing and Assistant Professor of English at Portland State University. Dr. Noorda works closely with publishing industry organizations: she is on the board of PubWest and Chair of the Immersive Media & Reading 2020 Research Committee in partnership with Panorama Project. In both her scholarly work and offering opportunities to graduate students, Dr. Noorda is committed to and interested in transnational book industry perspectives. To this end, she works with wonderful scholars in the UK, Australia, Canada, Ghana, China, South Africa, and India on Border-Crossing Books and a transnational publishing network. Dr. Noorda is also an advocate of international experiences for the graduate students through study abroad and international exchange opportunities as well as international guest speakers and class topics. Dr. Noorda is a researcher of twenty-first century book studies, particularly on topics of entrepreneurship, marketing, small business, national identity, and international publishing. With this expertise, she is a series editor for Cambridge University Press, editorial board member of Publishing Research Quarterly, and a peer reviewer for Convergence and National Identities.

On the PSU faculty since 2017.


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