Mathew Uretsky

Assistant Professor

PSU History

I have been a faculty member and led the School Social Work Licensure program at the PSU School of Social Work since 2016.


My research agenda is informed by more than a decade of practice experience in schools and community settings, including working as a para-educator for special needs students, delivering psycho-educational parenting interventions, and administering district-wide programing for students experiencing homelessness.

Academic/Research Interests

My overall goal is to support the academic and behavioral development of children and youth. The bulk of my current work is focused on supporting a successful transition out of high school and into college or the workforce for students who do not earn a high school diploma in four years. This includes dropouts, as well as a previously unexplored population—persisters—who are still enrolled, but do not earn a diploma four years after their first-freshmen year.

Personal Interests

I enjoy getting outside to enjoy the forests and rivers, gardening, and building stuff.

  • PhD
    University of Maryland
  • MSW, MPH
    San Diego State University