Marin Henderson-Posther

Adjunct Instructor, PhD Student

PSU History

Marin is an adjunct instructor at the School of Social Work and is a PhD student working on her dissertation. Marin has also had the opportunity to work on the FUTURES research project at the Regional Research Institute, develop Peer Support Specialist curriculum, as well as work as an Advanced Field Liaison and Academic Advisor for MSW students.


Marin received her MSW from New York University. Marin has had the opportunity to practice clinical social work in a variety of cities throughout the U.S., including New York City, the greater Washington D.C. area, and Los Angeles with a particular focus on adult mental health. She also has experience working on the National Suicide Hotline performing crisis intervention.

Academic/Research Interests

Marin's current academic interests include researching adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) for her dissertation work, including better understanding the factors contributing to ACE-related health risk behaviors.

Personal Interests

Yoga, drawing, knitting, and spending time with my family.

  • MSW
    New York University