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Liliana Caughman
Liliana Caughman

Liliana Caughman is an interdisciplinary scientist with a focus on urban sustainability and resiliency. She is currently a Graduate Research Assistant at the Institute for Sustainable Solutions (ISS) where she is working on a variety of projects including an energy analysis of Portland buildings, climate resiliency planning for Portland Parks and Recreation, and helping with sustainability education initiatives like the Climate Action Internship Program.

Liliana earned a B.A. in Physics from UC Berkeley and a Master's in Environmental Studies from Evergreen. She is now working toward a Ph.D. in Earth, Environment, and Society at PSU with adviser Vivek Shandas. Her research interests include: how green infrastructure can mitigate the impact of extreme events (floods, earthquakes, fires), how cities can use a resiliency lens to plan for extreme events, coupled human-natural systems, urban geomorphology, and issues of sustainability education and urban environmental justice.

Previously, Liliana has worked as an analyst for a wind-energy consulting firm, a program coordinator for the Sustainability in Prisons Project, and as a math & science faculty instructor at Northwest Indian College.

Outside of academia, Liliana loves to cook and eat food, spend time with family, play/watch sports, listen to old records, and daydream about moving to the Arctic; she tries to live a hygge style life.