Jennifer Blakeslee

Research Assistant Professor

PSU History

I have been a researcher in the School of Social Work at the Regional Research Institute since 2013.


After spending a few years as a mentor and youth worker in the child welfare field, I came to PSU for my MSW degree and fell in love with research and evaluation to inform social work policy and practice. I now work in the SSW, where I conduct research and evaluation related to youth exiting foster care and similar service systems, and I teach and mentor students around the application of social work research design and methods.

Academic/Research Interests

I am primarily interested in services and supports for youth aging out of foster care, and conduct both federally-funded research and local and state-level evaluation projects to develop and improve youth programming. I'm also interested in social support networks more broadly, and in youth mentoring relationships and mentoring programs.

Personal Interests

Quality time with family and friends, taking long walks with my dog (preferably on sunny days), reading short stories, and watching British detective shows.