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Jeff Schnabel
Jeff Schnabel

Professor, Director of School of Architecture
Shattuck Hall 235

Master of Architecture, University of Pennsylvania, 1990
Bachelor of Science/Landscape Architecture, West Virginia University, 1984

Jeff’s research activities are focused on designing for nighttime. His personal work and engagement with students involve understanding the unique qualities of cities after dark and the design responses to those conditions.  As a recipient of the Architecture Foundation of Oregon Van Evera Bailey Fellowship, Jeff travelled to and studied successful nighttime public space-making in Amsterdam, Helsinki, Reykjavik, and Montreal.  

Jeff hosted Illuminated City: A Light with Content Symposium at Portland State University, which led to the collaborative establishment of the Portland Winter Light Festival. The festival, now in its fifth year, places works of light art and light-based performances throughout the city in the dark days of winter. The event now annually attracts over 150,000 visitors and generates over two million dollars in economic development. Jeff was a co-founder of the festival and remains a part of its Executive Committee.

Jeff is on the board of the Willamette Light Brigade, a not-for profit organization that lights Portland’s bridges and advocates for quality nighttime space-making. He is also a member of the International Nighttime Design Initiative (NTD) and the Media Architecture Institute.

Along with Rudy Barton, emeritus faculty (creator of the Spain Program), Jeff takes groups of students to Spain to explore the territory between buildings and to document how contemporary architecture interacts with historical urban fabric.