Jared Best

Jared Israel Best


Social Work, School of

PSU History

During his undergraduate degree, Jared transferred to Portland State University from the University of Utah as an English major, finishing in 2010 with a B.S. in Psychology. Jared started a combined MSW/PhD in 2013, began teaching in CYFS in 2015, finished his MSW in 2016, and is now a full time instructor in the BSW Program as well as a doctoral student in the School of Social Work.


Jared's experience in the field includes working with young children with severe mental health challenges, homeless and runaway youth, residential and day programming with youth in foster care and juvenile justice systems, and most recently, as a therapist in private practice.

Academic/Research Interests

Jared's research experiences primarily center around youth aging out of the foster care system. Currently, Jared is working on a critical discourse analysis of interviews with youth aging out of foster care in the state of Oregon for his dissertation research. Upon completion of his PhD, Jared hopes to expand his research area of interest to include experiences of disenfranchised youth beyond child welfare.

Personal Interests

Currently, Jared is riding out the pandemic in San Francisco, traveling up and down the steep hills on his bicycle, frequenting small bookstores, and camping throughout the state of California.

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