Horia Boboia

Professor of Art

"As a teacher, I am not merely interested in transferring knowledge to my students but in creating an open forum for the construction of knowledge, where students and teachers become equally responsible for the learning process."

Horia Boboia was born in Bucharest, Romania. He arrived in the US as a political refugee. He received his BFA (1983) and MFA (1985) from California Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles, CA. He studied with, among others, John Baldessari, Robin Winters, Douglas Huebler, Bill Viola and George Baselitz, and lived at times in Vienna, Los Angeles, New York, Berlin, and Tel-Aviv. He moved to Portland, Oregon in 1995, and since 1999 he has been teaching art at Portland State University. Primarily a painter, he also works with photography, video, and music and has shown his work in venues across Europe and the United States.