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Dora Raymaker
Dora Raymaker


Assistant Research Professor


PhD, Systems Science, Portland State University, 2015 MS, Systems Science, Portland State University, 2009 BFA, painting, Maine College of Art 1994

PSU History

I first started working at the RRI as an independent contractor at the in 2009 and became faculty as a Research Associate in 2013. I was promoted to Assistant Research Professor in 2016. I was also a student at PSU in the Systems Science program from 2005 to 2015, where I completed my PhD in systems science.

Professional Focus

(this is my "official" bio; feel free to take information from it or edit it) Dora Raymaker, PhD is an Assistant Research Professor at the Portland State University's Regional Research Institute and co-directs the Academic Autistic Spectrum Partnership in Research and Education (AASPIRE,, a community-campus partnership conducting research to improve the lives of adults on the autism spectrum. Her research interests include community-engaged practices, accessible technology, measurement adaptation and knowledge translation, and dynamics at the intersection of science, society, and public policy. Dr. Raymaker primarily conducts research in collaboration with disability communities.

Research Interests

Ms. Raymaker's research interests currently go in two directions within the systems field. As co-director of a Participatory Action Research team, Ms. Raymaker is very interested in general systems thinking, both in its application to group and project management, and in how examining problems from within a systems context can suggest new ways of performing better science and resolving human rights issues. Ms. Raymaker is also interested in computational models which don't yield well to traditional computational methods and may be more tractable using non-standard, biologically inspired, or "bottom up" methods of computation. Along this direction, Ms. Raymaker is currently working on problems in natural language processing related to internet data mining.

Personal Interests

I enjoy writing fiction, painting, or combining the two into web comics. (link if anyone feels it's appropriate to include: