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Diane Moug
Diane Moug
Assistant Professor

Diane Moug joined the Portland State University Civil and Environmental Engineering Department in 2017 after earning her Ph.D. in Geotechnical Engineering from the University of California, Davis. She earned her undergraduate degree in Geological Engineering from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver. Prior to attending UC Davis, she worked for 3 years as a geotechnical and hydrogeological consultant at mine waste storage facilities and oil sands sites in Chile, Alaska, Northern Alberta, and Guatemala.

Dr. Moug’s research uses advanced numerical techniques and soil constitutive models to study geotechnical behavior and develop engineering correlations for unique, problematic, or otherwise poorly characterized geotechnical materials. These soils include intermediate soils, mine tailings, volcanic soils, and many of the soils found in the Pacific Northwest and Portland. She is particularly interested in characterization of the liquefaction susceptibility and cyclic behavior of these soils. She looks to perform research at the intersection between geology and geotechnical engineering through collaborations with geologists and application of innovative geologic methods and tools. Other research interests include in-situ testing, underground construction, and tunneling.


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