Carolyn Quam

Assistant Professor

Carolyn Quam, Ph.D., joined the SPHR Faculty in Fall 2016 as an Assistant Professor. At PSU, she runs a research lab, the Child Language Learning Center (CLLC) and teaches Speech and Language Development in Children (SPHR 372U) and Introduction to Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences (SPHR 222). Dr. Quam earned her Ph.D. in Psychology from the University Pennsylvania in 2010 with a child language and psycholinguistics focus. She then completed postdoctoral work at UC San Diego and the University of Arizona. Dr. Quam's research interests include language acquisition in children with typical language development and developmental language disorder; bilingualism; and the memory and learning systems that support language. Dr. Quam's research utilizes eye-tracking and other behavioral methodologies.

Areas of Expertise:
Child Language Development & Disorders

SPHR 372U Speech and Language Development
SPHR 222 Introduction to Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

  • Ph.D.
    University of Pennsylvania