Continuing Administrator License (CAL)

The Continuing Administrator License program (CAL) is an ongoing licensure program for all school administrators. All 28 credits associated with the CAL must be taken after completion of a master's degree and the receipt of the Initial Administrator License. With the Oregon Professional Administrator License you can begin service as a district-level administrator or  improve your effectiveness as a continuing administrator.

Program format

  • Face-to-face
  • Partially online
  • Fully online (complete over two or more summers)

CAL program and students

CAL strengthens an administrator's ability to collaborate with teachers, parents, and members of the school district community to design educational programs that foster successful teaching and learning in a climate where social justice prevails.

An administrator's central responsibility is to ensure that children can learn. If programs in a school are not working well, the school's administrators must work closely with teachers and the district office to identify and implement effective change.

The CAL curriculum emphasizes district-level leadership for equity. School-level and district-level administrators are most effective when they have a well-informed understanding of the school and the broader concerns of the school district.

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