Added Secondary

Quick Facts

  • # of credits
  • Complete your endorsement in one year
  • On campus
  • Can be combined with a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction by working with an advisor

The Added Secondary Endorsement program allows you to earn a second endorsement that can be included on your Oregon teaching license. Upon completing the program’s requirements of satisfying prerequisite content-area knowledge courses, passing the appropriate NES test, taking a content-area teaching methods course, and completing a 90-hour practicum, the COE will recommend that the Teachers Standards and Practices Commission add the endorsement to your teaching license. 


Torrey Kulow
Program Coordinator


Elizabeth Snyder
Admissions Advisor

Program Benefits

  • Increase your employability
  • Be qualified to teach additional content areas
  • Continue your professional learning

Program Specifics

  • Can be completed within one year
  • Practicum-experience can be done at your current school site
  • Research-based instruction coupled with high-quality feedback

About the program

The Added Secondary Endorsement program is designed for individuals who hold a valid Oregon teaching license issued by the state’s Teacher Standards and Practices Commission to add an endorsement to their license. Currently, individuals can add an endorsement in one of the following content areas: Advanced Mathematics, Art, Biology, Chemistry, English Language Arts, Foundational Mathematics, Foundational Science, Foundational Social Studies, Health, Integrated Science, Music, Physics, Social Studies, World Language: Chinese, World Language: French, World Language: German, and World Language: Spanish. To complete the program and earn the endorsement, individuals must complete the following process. 

First, interested individuals are encouraged to contact the program coordinator to schedule a meeting, either face-to-face or over the phone. The purpose of this meeting is to ensure individuals holds the qualifications for adding an endorsement to their teaching license and clarify any questions or concerns they may have. Next, individuals are to submit their unofficial transcripts to the department advisor in the content area they are pursuing an endorsement for review. The advisor will identify any coursework the individual would need to complete before or while advancing through the program. It is important individuals have deep content knowledge of the content area so they are able to effectively transform that body of knowledge into engaging lessons for students. After having their transcripts reviewed, individuals are encouraged to apply to the program at this point. 

Once accepted into the program, individuals are to complete any content area courses identified by the advisor. In addition, individuals are to schedule, take, and pass the NES for their content area and have those scores reported to the program coordinator. 

After having completed the content area courses, individuals are required to take a teaching methods course for their content area in either the fall or winter terms. These are typically face-to-face courses that meet in the afternoon. Individuals who are currently teaching in the field may contact the course instructor to discuss potential modifications to meet their needs, and the course instructor has full discretion regarding the modifications. While enrolled their teaching methods course, individuals will need to contact the Field Placement Office to arrange where and when they will complete their practicum. Please note, the Field Placement Office requires specific paperwork to be completed in order to reserve a placement and it is the individual's responsibility to complete the paperwork before any posted deadlines. For individuals who are currently teaching, they may request a placement in their current school. 

Once in their placement, individuals must log 90 instructional hours teaching in a content area classroom for which they seek an endorsement. Individuals will have a supervisor from the university who will observe them teach, provide feedback, and complete an evaluation of their instruction. Once the practicum is completed, the program coordinator will confirm the individual has satisfied all the requirement la for the added endorsement, and the College’s licensure specialist will then submit the paperwork to the Teachers Standards and Practices Commission to recommend that the endorsement is added to the individual’s teaching license. 

Our graduates

Our graduates are qualified to teach in multiple content areas and use the program’s flexibility to fill high-needs areas.

Why PSU?

PSU is the research university in the Portland metro area. Part of what has earned us this reputation is our scholar-practitioner instructors. Added Secondary Endorsement courses are taught by experienced teachers who have scholarly expertise and advanced degrees in their fields. That means that you will learn practical tools and strategies based on sound research and theory.

As much as it is known for its research, PSU is known for its strong standing in the community. Our reputation as a high-quality teacher preparation program has helped us build an extensive network of partnerships with schools and school districts in the Portland metro area. PSU teacher candidates are sought after by principals both for student teaching field placements and for hiring.

Finally, PSU holds a strong commitment to equity and social justice. We seek to interrupt oppression and injustice and see quality, culturally sustaining education as an important avenue toward a just society. We strive to embody these principles in our practices and continually seek to improve our efforts to work for equity. Your program at PSU will encourage you to frame your career in terms of working for justice and opportunity for all people.