Added Elementary

Quick Facts

  • 34 credits
  • Complete your endorsement in one year
  • On campus
  • Can be combined with a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction by working with an advisor

The Added Elementary Endorsement is designed for currently licensed teachers (e.g., secondary or elementary specialist teachers) who are looking to teach in an elementary classroom. Create an inclusive environment by learning about the pedagogy and content knowledge needed for elementary teaching while building on your past teaching experience, with PSU’s innovative Added Elementary Endorsement. Through this program, you design, plan, and implement effective, engaging, culturally sustaining instruction for individual students, small groups, and a whole class. Learn how to support each student’s progress and growth in an equitable setting.


Amanda Sugimoto
Program Coordinator


Elizabeth Snyder
Admissions Advisor

Program Benefits

  • Cultivate positive relationships among members of classroom communities
  • Assess elementary students’ academic strengths and needs
  • Assess and support the academic language development of all students
  • Collaborate with other professionals to support the development of all students, including students with special physical, social, or academic needs
  • Develop awareness of the influence of systemic injustices and inequities on educational opportunity and work for social justice and equity in your teaching
  • Critically and collaboratively reflect on your teaching practice in ways that help you develop and refine your teaching across your career
  • Experience incredible value: Learn from experienced teachers who have scholarly expertise and advanced degrees—and at an accessible price
  • Specifically designed for currently licensed teachers (e.g., secondary or specialist teachers) who want to teach in an elementary classroom

Program Specifics

  • Can be combined with a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction by working with an advisor  
  • Benefit from your peers’ knowledge and experience in our unique cohort model
  • Translate theory learned in the classroom into experience learned through a practicum

Our graduates

The Added Elementary endorsement can be added onto your existing teaching license to allow you to teach in an elementary, multiple subjects classroom.

Why PSU?

PSU is the research university in the Portland metro area. Part of what has earned us this reputation is our scholar-practitioner instructors. Added Elementary Endorsement courses are taught by experienced teachers who have scholarly expertise and advanced degrees in their fields. That means that you will learn practical tools and strategies based on sound research and theory.

As much as it is known for its research, PSU is known for its strong standing in the community. Our reputation as a high-quality teacher preparation program has helped us build an extensive network of partnerships with schools and school districts in the Portland metro area. PSU teacher candidates are sought after by principals both for student teaching field placements and for hiring.

Finally, PSU holds a strong commitment to equity and social justice. We seek to interrupt oppression and injustice and see quality, culturally sustaining education as an important avenue toward a just society. We strive to embody these principles in our practices and continually seek to improve our efforts to work for equity. Your program at PSU will encourage you to frame your career in terms of working for justice and opportunity for all people.