Undergraduate Program Elementary Education Minor

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Elementary Education Minor Overview

PSU's elementary education minor prepares aspiring elementary school teachers to enter a graduate teacher education program and be licensed in Elementary Multiple Subjects.

Degree Details

Elementary Education Minor: Why PSU?

The coursework draws from a number of areas, including the library, applied linguistics, geology, math, psychology, sociology, art, and music.

What can I do with a minor in Elementary Education?

The minor meets all the prerequisites for admission to PSU's Graduate Teacher Education Program.

You can pair the minor with majors in social science; arts & letters; liberal studies; child, youth and family studies; psychology; English, or world languages to give yourself the broad foundation of knowledge that's expected of elementary teachers.

Featured Courses

  • LIB 428 Children’s Literature, K-5
  • LING 233 Language and Mind
  • LING 390 Introduction to Linguistics
  • G 355 Geosciences for Elementary Educators
  • SCI 311U Teaching Everyday Science
  • MTH 211 Foundations of Elementary Mathematics
  • ED 420 Introduction to Education and Society
  • SPEd 418 Survey of Exceptional Learners
  • PSY 311U Human Development
  • SOC337U  Minorities
  • ART 312 Art in the Elementary School
  • MUS 381 Music Fundamentals
  • PHE 365 Health Promotion Programs for Children and Youth

Other Program Information

The Minor in Elementary Education is intended for students who plan to enter a graduate teacher education program and be licensed in Early Childhood/Elementary Education. While the minor is not a requirement for admission to the PSU Graduate Teacher Education Program (GTEP), it does include all the prerequisites for admission to the program. Students seeking a license for early childhood and elementary education must complete a graduate-level licensure program. The College of Education provides the teacher licensure as part of the GTEP.


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