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Women's Leadership Certificate Overview

The Undergraduate Certificate in Women’s Leadership provides undergraduate students with a focused course of study on women leaders across disciplines, with an emphasis on the challenges that they face and techniques for overcoming those challenges. Certificate requirements include both political science and women’s studies courses, in addition to electives drawn from departments across campus. This certificate will also include a skill-building practicum seminar (PS 381) designed to foster students' confidence and leadership ability. This certificate is open to all undergraduates.

Women's Leadership Certificagte: Why PSU?

This certificate was crafted with two main goals in mind: first, to guide students through a curriculum on leadership that is appropriate for all majors and accessible for those students that have never thought of themselves as leaders before. And second, to provide actual leadership training to our students. So in short, it's the best of both worlds: it gives students the foundation in academic research on women's leadership as well as practical skills that will help them become leaders in any field. Participants in the certificate program will also have an opportunity to learn from the members of the Center for Women's Leadership, housed in the Hatfield School of Government.

What can I do with a certificate in Women's Leadership?

Employers are always looking for evidence of leadership skills, so having this on your resume will be a positive attribute for any field. The knowledge and skills you gain from this certificate are the most valuable thing about it; after getting this certificate you will both understand more about women in leadership and have a new skillset to draw upon if you choose to go for a leadership position.