Undergraduate Program Sonic Arts and Music Production

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Sonic Arts and Music Production Bachelor's Degree Overview

The Sonic Arts and Music Production program is a pioneering combination of music technology and creative inspiration with limitless possibilities for your musical career.

The Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science in Sonic Arts and Music Production provides a music foundation in music technology, acoustics, basic music theory, keyboard skills, and musicianship with an emphasis in music technology. You’ll learn about recording, mixing, and mastering in our new state-of-the-art recording studio. Our experienced faculty will introduce you to a diversity of technical approaches and musical styles as you work with visual media, live interactive performance, sound installations, and online applications.

Completing this degree will give you the skills in music technology and a supportive curriculum to prepare you for graduate study, with the breadth of knowledge, creative thinking, and expressive skills that can be translated into artistic, technical, entrepreneurial, and research endeavors.

Our alumni are poised to find meaningful work in recording arts, sound design, and commercial music enterprises. Others will pursue the independent artist’s path combining production with performance, composition, teaching, or arts administration. Join them in this growing and innovative field.

The Bachelor of Arts in Sonic Arts & Music Production does not require a separate application to the School of Music & Theater.

Degree Details

Sonic Arts and Music Production Bachelor's Degree: Why PSU?

As a sonic arts and music production major, you can gain real-world experience in building your portfolio in your music production classes. From composing music to developing multimedia content, every class you take gives you another opportunity to add to your portfolio’s vibrancy. We also work with community partners to develop professional connections.

We are proud to be a national College of Distinction for our commitment to helping students to succeed. At PSU, you will gain the experience and knowledge you need to make a difference in your career and community.

What can I do with a Bachelor's degree in Sonic Arts and Music Production?

Most of our alumni go on to grad school or a career as a producer or sound technician. Related careers include composer, teacher, music entrepreneur, and media content creator.

Featured Courses

  • MUS 103 Contemporary Music Theory
  • MUS 193 Group Lessons for Beginners III: Piano
  • MUS 245 SAMP I - Audio Recording
  • MUS 247 SAMP III - Studio Production
  • MUS 345 SAMP IV - Acoustics for Musicians
  • MUS 346 SAMP V - Music with Visual Media
  • MUS 445 Business of Music
  • MUS 476 Computer Music Composition


  • MUS 355 Jazz History
  • MUS 365 Film Music
  • MUS 377 World Music: Latin America and the Caribbean



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PSU's Music programs are fully accredited National Association of Schools of Music (NASM) and holds the All-Steinway School designation.