Pre-Radiation Therapy: Pre-Professional Program

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Pre-Radiation Therapy: Pre-Professional Program

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Pre-Radiation Therapy Pre-Professional Program Overview

Radiation Therapists are professional healthcare technicians that administer radiation treatments to patients with cancer. The radiation therapist works as part of a radiation therapy team that includes physicians, nurses, dosimetrists, and physicists. Radiation therapists combine an interest in science and technology with a strong commitment to patient care.

Radiation Therapists must apply knowledge of technology, anatomy and physiology, physics, pathology, and oncology. Radiation therapists work closely with social workers, nurses, and physicians to assist patients and their families through the physical and emotional experiences of cancer diagnosis and treatment. They must be comfortable working with critically ill patients and flexible in dealing with a fast pace, unexpected schedule changes, and sometimes long work hours.

Pre-Radiation Therapy students at PSU complete a set of prerequisite courses designed to fulfill admission requirements for Bachelor of Science in Radiation Therapy (RT) programs at other institutions.

Pre-radiation therapy is a professional track (not a major), but common majors for pre-radiation therapy students include:Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Health Studies: Health Science. Students can choose any major while also completing their pre-RT coursework.

Most pre-RT students attend PSU for 2-3 years working on prerequisites with the goal of applying for acceptance into a radiation therapy program elsewhere. Students may also choose to complete a degree at PSU (common majors for pre-RT students include: Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Health Studies: Health Science) before attending a RT program to complete a 2nd undergraduate degree.

Prospective students interested in PSU can meet with a pre-radiation therapy advisor to learn about the pre-RT track.

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Pre-Radiation Therapy Pre-Professional Program: Why PSU?

PSU has dedicated pre-health advisors to help students plan their coursework, support them in gaining relevant healthcare experience, and guide them through the process of applying to Radiation Therapy programs.

PSU students can complete the prerequisite courses to apply to the Bachelor of Science (BS) in Radiation Therapy offered at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU). Admission is limited and competitive. In order to apply, students must complete the prerequisite coursework and have earned a minimum of 90 transferable quarter hours from an accredited institution(s). OHSU’s Radiation Therapy program is an additional 2 years of coursework to complete the degree.

There are a very wide range of clinical and other volunteer opportunities available in the Portland area to help students better understand the role of different healthcare providers, gain exposure to different clinical settings, and boost their application to RT programs in the future.

Many of Portland State’s departments and schools offer student research opportunities, including Biology, Chemistry, and the School of Public Health.

PSU has the Ignite Scholarship program, developed in collaboration with Kaiser Permanente and Portland Leadership Foundation, which emphasizes a culture of support and community for students in healthcare career pathways that can sometimes be complex and overwhelming. Students who receive the Ignite scholarship will be part of a program emphasizing leadership and mentorship (supported by a $5,000 scholarship), which includes serving as mentors for incoming pre-health students.

Incoming pre-health students seeking mentorship can apply to be matched with PSU's Ignite mentors. This is a one-year commitment (fall, winter and spring terms) for mentors and mentees.

Student organizations on campus help students to connect with peers pursuing pre-health tracks or science fields, as well as many different multicultural, social, and community involvement focused groups. Examples of student groups include the Health Promotion Student Organization, Portland State Women in STEM, Science Outreach Society, Biology Investigation and Outreach, and the Neuroscience Club at PSU."

What can I do after completing the pre-professional program in Pre-Radiation Therapy?

The Pre-Radiation Therapy track prepares students for careers as professional healthcare technicians that administer radiation treatments to patients with cancer. Students often pursue a professional Degree (Bachelor of Science) in Radiation Therapy

Professional Schools or Programs in Oregon: Oregon Health & Sciences University (OHSU) Radiation Therapy Program

Featured Courses

  • PHE 363 Communicable and Chronic Disease
  • PHY 337 Physics in Biomedicine
  • PHE 452 Gender, Race, Class, & Health
  • PHL 446 Biomedical Ethics
  • SOC 250 Sociology for the Health Sciences


Pre-Radiation Therapy is a pre-professional track, not a major. Students can select any major of their choice.


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