Undergraduate Program Law and Legal Studies Minor

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Law and Legal Studies Minor Overview

The minor in Law and Legal Studies (LLS) offers an interdisciplinary, liberal arts approach to the study of law. This is an academic program, not a professional training program, emphasizing the political, social, cultural, and philosophical foundations and impacts of law and legal systems. It is designed for pre-law students and also for a broad array of students from across the PSU campus who are interested in the relationship of law to politics, society, and culture. While the core courses concentrate on American law and the American legal system, the electives allow students to focus on aspects of law related to areas such as international law, comparative law, and philosophy.

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Law and Legal Studies Minor: Why PSU?

The Law and Legal Studies minor at PSU allows students to take courses across a range of disciplines and approaches. This leads to a breadth of knowledge about the law. PSU offers unique opportunities for students who are interested in the law:

  • Pre-law advising: Portland State offers faculty advising for students interested in pursuing law school after graduation.
  • Portland Law School Fair: PSU hosts the fair for the entire Portland metropolitan area. This fair brings in 60 - 70 law schools from across the country and is a great opportunity for students to connect with recruiters and ask questions. 
  • Explore the Law Program: The Oregon State Bar Association and the Multnomah County Bar Association partner with PSU and support the program which is administered through Student Legal Services: It's a free, year-long program for students to explore and prepare for careers in law.

What can I do with a minor in Law and Legal Studies?

Many students who minor in Law and Legal Studies go to law school after their undergraduate studies, but that is not the only path. The minor offers a well-rounded education that is useful in business, law enforcement, and politics.

Featured Courses

  • PS 101 United States Government
  • PS 221 Introduction to Law and Legal Studies
  • PS 421 Supreme Court and American Politics


  • PS 422 Constitutional Law
  • PS 423 Civil Liberties
  • PS 424 Law, Politics, and Society
  • PS 425/WS 424 Women and the Law
  • PS 448 International Law
  • PS 483 Justice in the Modern World


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