Undergraduate Program Arts and Letters

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Arts and Letters Bachelor's Degree Overview

Portland State University's bachelor's degree in Arts and Letters offers a flexible path for independent-minded students. You'll have the freedom to explore your own interests, with attentive faculty, and a strong academic framework to provide you with a well-rounded education.

Our program will make you a better writer, researcher, communicator, and critical thinker. You'll enter the job market with professional skills that make a strong impression on employers.

Degree Details

  • BA
    Bachelor of Arts
    Delivery Method
    On campus
    Total Credits
    Start Term
  • BS
    Bachelor of Science
    Delivery Method
    On campus
    Total Credits
    Start Term

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Arts and Letters Bachelor's Degree: Why PSU?

As an Arts and Letters major at PSU, you'll have the opportunity to create your own academic focus, choosing courses from a broad range of offerings in applied linguistics, architecture, art and art history, communications, conflict resolution, English, philosophy, music, theater arts and film, world languages and literature, and writing.

Our faculty and advisors will help you design a program that is unique to your interests and provide you with the support you need to succeed. Our online courses are taught by the same faculty who teach our in-person courses.

No matter what subject forms the focus of your degree, you'll build skills you can use your whole life in any career, including creative problem solving, critical thinking, writing, research, multimedia communication, and technological savvy.

What Can I Do With a Bachelor's Degree in Arts and Letters?

A bachelor's degree in Arts and Letters from PSU is a powerful academic foundation that provides you with the opportunity to develop skills employers value in employees, including oral and written communication, interpersonal, teamwork, technical, analytical, critical thinking, organizational, and problem-solving skills.

You'll be prepared for many careers in many fields, including government, nonprofits, social services, educational institutions, and businesses.

Our graduates go on to jobs as program and policy coordinators, research associates, communication specialists, law enforcement officers, administrators, and directors.

Online Arts & Letters Bachelor’s Degree Option 

Finish your bachelor's degree online in a flexible, independent program focused on your interests. In our online option, you can create your own path with the support and structure to help you succeed. You will: 

  • Work closely with outstanding faculty. The same faculty who teach our in-person courses also lead our online courses. 
  • Connect with other students. PSU's easy-to-use online course platform encourages direct interaction among classmates.
  • Take award-winning courses. Our online bachelor’s degree includes core coursework in PSU’s nationally recognized University Studies program.
  • Plug in to Portland. No matter where you live, our online programs let you in on Portland's energetic and innovative spirit. 

We will help you design a personalized path to an undergraduate degree — in a flexible format that fits your life. 

Featured Courses

  • ARH 204 History of Western Art
  • COMM 220 Public Speaking
  • COMM 313U Communication in Groups
  • CR 301U Introduction to Conflict Resolution
  • CR 302U Introduction to Peace Studies
  • D 366U Dance in Film: Early Years through the 1940s
  • ENG 253 Survey of American Literature
  • ENG 330U Jewish and Israeli Literature
  • KOR 399 Introduction to Korean Society & Culture Through Film
  • MUS 111 Intro to Music Theory
  • MUS 261 History of Rock Music
  • PHL 308U Elementary Ethics
  • WR 222 Writing Research Papers
  • WR 323 Writing as Critical Inquiry

More Course Information

The Arts and Letters academic distribution area consists of undergraduate courses from the following: Applied Linguistics, Architecture, Art, Arts and Letters, Black Studies (BST 221, BST 351U, BST 352U, BST 353U, BST 421, BST 424U, BST 425U, BST 426U, BST 427U only), Communication, Conflict Resolution, Dance, English, Film, Judaic Studies (JST 325, JST 431, JST 435 only), Music, Philosophy, Speech and Hearing Sciences, Systems Science (SYSC 421 only), Theater Arts, World Languages and Literatures, Writing.


Portland State University is fully accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU).