Graduate Certificate Program Computer Modeling and Simulation

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Computer Modeling and Simulation Graduate Certificate Overview

The use of computer modeling and simulation is becoming increasingly popular in both government and industry as it allows scientists, researchers, and engineers to understand and evaluate complex systems more efficiently and save time, money, and materials.

Our graduate certificate in Computational Modeling and Simulation provides you with a foundation in general modeling and simulation methods, preparing you for a career in a variety of fields, including science, engineering, business, health, and public policy.

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Computer Modeling and Simulation Graduate Certificate: Why PSU?

Get the skills you need to better understand the behavior of complex systems and become proficient at using computer programs to create models and simulations to describe, diagnose, and predict system behaviors.

You'll take courses in linear systems theory, discrete and continuous system simulation, and statistical modeling of structure, and learn methods that are applicable to studying social, physical, and natural systems.

What can I do with a graduate certificate in Computer Modeling and Simulation?

Our program provides you with the tools you need to use computer modeling and simulation methods in process engineering, policy evaluation, data analysis and interpretation, and the study of feedback dynamics in complex systems.

You'll be prepared for careers in government and industry.

Featured Courses

  • SYSC 514 System Dynamics
  • SYSC 527 Discrete System Simulation
  • SYSC 525 Agent-Based Simulation
  • CS 545 Machine Learning
  • PSY 523 Covariance Structure Modeling

Featured Electives

  • SYSC 535 Modeling & Simulation with R and Python
  • SYSC 540 Introduction to Network Science
  • SYSC 551 Discrete Multivariate Modeling


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